June 1, 2022

How to Build a Content Strategy Across Your Buyers’ Journey

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How well do you understand the content you have and the gaps that exist in your content strategy? Creating content at scale requires a level of visibility that many editorial organizations struggle to achieve and which many B2B marketing organizations can’t even imagine.

Jeff Coyle is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse, which built a platform that uses AI to help build out a holistic content strategy that allows brands and publishers to demonstrate expertise and meet their buyers across the journey.

In this episode of B2B Nation, Jeff discusses his approach to content strategy, how he convinces content purists that data and AI are the tools they’ve been waiting for, and what the future of B2B content looks like amidst industry consolidation and complicated partnerships.

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Episode Guide

2:23: Jeff explains his approach to content creation.
3:46: The inputs Jeff looks for to inform content creation.
6:09: “You need to be there at every stage of the experience.”
8:03: How does Jeff convince content purists to rely on data and AI?
16:26: Where does B2B content go from here?
25:33: Jeff predicts consolidation around B2B tech and content.
27:29: “What’s Google going to do?”
29:38: What are Jeff’s favorite tools?

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