August 27, 2019

The Best Marketing Automation Software by Features

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No two companies are the same, and no two companies have the same marketing needs. Depending on whether your company has a brick-and-mortar retail space, an ecommerce stop, a B2B audience, or something entirely different, you need a marketing automation tool that can meet those needs. That’s why we’ve chosen the best marketing automation tools based on email, workflow, and lead management features.

These three features also happen to represent how advanced a company’s marketing efforts are. Companies in the early stages of a marketing strategy need to establish an engaged customer list and can do this through email automations. Those trying to grow their business and expand their marketing strategy to new audiences will need to begin automating repeatable processes with workflows. Advanced marketing teams need lead management tools that connect the sales and marketing teams for sustainable revenue growth.

Of course, the tools in this list aren’t the only marketing automation tools on the market. Chat with one of our Technology Advisors today, and we can provide you with a list of the 5 best marketing automation tools for the features you need. Click on the image below or contact us to get started.

best marketing automation software

Read on for the best marketing automation software for email, workflows, and lead management.

Email marketing



Sendinblue is a marketing automation software with a significant emphasis on providing great email marketing features. In the free version you can store lots of contacts and send loads of messages, which makes Sendinblue a good option for small businesses. And the free plan includes some cool features for marketing teams to try, like SMS messaging.

You’ll need to sign up for one of the more expensive plans if you want to build out a full marketing funnel in Sendinblue with landing pages and forms, but even the lower tier plans give many marketers the features they need like CRM, reporting, and API access. The tool also comes with support for several languages.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign personalized email.

ActiveCampaign’s email marketing gets high marks from reviewers as it includes easy-to-use data and analytics tools that make it really easy to improve campaigns. In addition, the user support is great, especially at some of the higher subscription tiers. Experienced marketers should take advantage of the onboarding consultant included in the Enterprise plan, as the consultant can provide a fresh perspective on existing campaigns.

ActiveCampaign can do a lot of things, but these options can make the interface feel cluttered. This might stand in the way of some marketers’ ability to find and use interesting features like automated workflows.



sharpspring visual workflow builder.

SharpSpring is a full-service marketing automation tool for small and medium businesses. Its automated workflow features help marketers build campaigns to nurture leads and segment customers into campaigns that fit their needs. The visual workflow builder lets you choose triggers and actions, and line up complicated customer journeys in an organized way.

Use the automation tools to track leads and score their actions, giving you insight into the best time to follow up with an offer. SharpSpring’s deep customer information and analytics gives you insight to build dynamic landing pages and personalized automations based on customer preferences, not gut feeling.

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign dashboard.

Adobe Campaign is a marketing automation tool with a visual workflow editor that gives you drag and drop access to multichannel marketing campaigns across email, SMS, direct mail, and push notifications. These audience workflows can segment customers into different marketing lists based on their viewing and purchasing preferences. Workflows can also be used to manage data for campaigns or assign user tasks to complete before launching a new campaign.

Enterprise companies use Adobe Campaign to manage multichannel marketing campaigns and build complex automations to manage customer behavior at scale. That said, it’s a complex tool that’s not for a tech newbie. Those without significant marketing experience may find this tool difficult to use and have difficulty following the documentation.

Lead management


Keap marketing automation lead management tool.

Keap, formerly Infusionsoft, is a marketing automation and sales contact management platform built for small to medium-sized businesses. Use the pipeline feature to set up repeatable processes so your team can consistently bring leads through your sales process. The pipeline is automated, which means fewer leads slip through the cracks and no steps are missed.

Keap stores all lead, contact, and marketing information in a single interface, so you can use individual cues from contact information to segment leads and send them the right marketing assets at the right time.

Sugar Market

Sugar Market lead management tools.

Sugar Market, formerly Salesfusion, is an enterprise marketing automation and sales platform that manages leads at every stage in the funnel. Use the social tools and landing pages to build your online audience and capture interested leads. Follow up with easy-to-build nurture campaigns run through email and direct outreach.

The Sugar Market lead scoring tools quickly surface leads that are ready to buy, giving your sales team accurate information at the right time. Use the Nurture Campaign Builder to outline an automated workflow for different types of campaign funnels.

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