August 31, 2021

B2B Paid Media Strategy Tips

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For B2B organizations, determining the right targeting, messaging, and channel for their marketing often requires a great deal of research and testing. And that’s true whether you’re working with paid or organic media.

In this episode of B2B Nation we’re talking to Naira Perez, who runs Springhill Digital, a boutique agency that manages paid social and search channels for its clients. According to Naira, paid social and search face many of the same challenges as other B2B marketing channels. They struggle to reach audiences in a sea of messages. They tend to be more effective for branding than for converting sales. And perhaps unique to paid social, the audience moves from platform to platform when it grows bored.

Creating and growing effective B2B paid media campaigns, then, actually requires strong marketing fundamentals: Know your audience, hone your message, and create content your prospects cannot ignore.

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Episode Guide

2:01: What are the strengths and misconceptions around the paid social channel?
4:14: How paid social performance has changed in the past three years (and why).
6:43: What are the strengths and misconceptions around paid search?
8:34: What are the common mistakes marketers make with their paid social and search?
13:14: How do you align paid media with demand gen and other marketing efforts?
16:24: How does the current state of social media, “big tech” and regulation affect marketers?
21:19: How do marketers keep up with the transient nature of social media users?
27:00: What is the one tool Naira cannot work without?

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