February 14, 2017

Shari Medini on the Revival of Small Community Marketing

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In this week’s episode of B2B Nation, we talked to Shari Medini from Push Pull Marketing about small community marketing. Our conversation explored:

  • How brands and businesses of all sizes are moving to small community marketing
  • How Medium.com works as a small community marketplace
  • How you can use targeted personas in marketing automation

Shari first built her business on her website, Momshare.com, and then started taking on freelance work in content marketing. Eventually she and her husband built the brand Push Pull Marketing through a sales and marketing podcast and a small blog.

The Revival of Small Community Marketing

“Actually, this is something that’s new for me as well. When I was working on the parenting blog, that was national and international marketing, because we were working with big brands, speaking with people from anywhere in the world.

“As I started to take on more of a marketing role in the local community, things have shifted for me. I think we’re seeing a shift in the trends in the market in general. We can be in touch with anyone in the world, and it’s more novel than exciting for a lot of people and businesses. I think we’re going to start seeing this trend towards smaller community marketing and really finding your niche.

“For small businesses in the local community, you don’t have to have a million viewers to your website because you can’t fit a million people in your store. Focus on what you need to stay afloat and what are your realistic goals. It’s easier and less daunting if your goal is to make 50 people visit that small business through content and inbound marketing.

“People are craving the personal touch of the small community again. Everything gets a little more practical, concrete, and tactical at the local level. I think we see this same thing with bigger businesses who are trying to narrow down their target audience. Bigger companies are trying to go back to that personal touch and small community.”

Medium as a Small Community Marketplace

“The Medium writers have really strong stories to tell and great ideas, but maybe they’re sick of maintaining their own website, or maybe they’re tired of SEO and images and ads. Medium supports long-form content and the conversations surrounding those stories, like how your comments show up on your profile as one of your stories. This builds community, because if you write a nasty comment on someone else’s story, it shows up as something you’ve published, and it’s not just buried somewhere.

“When it comes to the small community, Medium is how you use it. You can find people who are writing in that same small niche audience and build a conversation with them. Commenting on blogs has really gone by the wayside, but Medium facilitates conversation that is lacking in other areas.”

Tactics for Building Targeted Personas

“If you say your target audience is 30-35-year-old women, that includes a lot of people. You get a lot of pushback from companies who are afraid to exclude anyone or scare off a potential part of their market. They worry that people will get upset because they’ve been excluded, or that targeting means they’re turning down money.

“But that’s not what a target audience is. Target personas are set up to get the best ROI from your marketing dollars. That doesn’t mean that if someone doesn’t fit the persona, you turn them down. Target personas help you find the type of people who are going to spend the most money on your product.

“Personas can be fluid and change, but I encourage people to picture a single person and give them a name. Instead of targeting one nameless woman 30-35 years old, name her ‘Mary Mom.’ She has two kids who are elementary school age, and this is her family income. You’re trying to picture the person your product would help the most, and what her life looks like, and finding her pain points and her values.”

Using a Targeted Persona within a Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing automation has become a necessity because we’re expected to put out so much content. Depending on what platform you’re using, you can see almost everything your customer does, which is comparable to tracking customers who make their way around a physical store. You can map a customer journey there, and you can map the customer journey on your site.

“All of these actions that your customer makes on your site can become trigger points to send content and information that is relevant to their interests. This information will help you understand how to automate your email lists and triggers, and how to create content that speaks to people at those parts of the journey.”

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You can find Shari at pushpullsales.com, @pushpullsales on Instagram and Twitter, or check out their podcast, Push Pull Sales & Marketing in iTunes. You can also get free website reviews when you contact Shari at pushpullsales@gmail.com and mention TechnologyAdvice. 

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