January 19, 2016

6 Essential Podcasts for Modern Marketers

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Podcasts are making a big comeback  —  especially with millennials, lifetime learners, and tech-savvy professionals. 

For marketers, the podcast provides a quick and easy way to digest educational content. You can listen anywhere: in the car, on the subway, sitting at your desk at work, or walking down the street. Whether it’s an interview with a leading CMO, an author explaining their latest book, a campaign case study, or an entrepreneur’s great epiphany, marketing podcasts provide convenient access to wealth of information.

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That convenient access, ultimately, is a service. Not sure if the latest marketing book is worth the read? Listen to an interview with the author. Concerned a recent case study won’t apply to your situation? Hear the methodology and results from the people who collected the data.

Podcasts don’t just help you stay on top of the latest trends and best practices; they are also a valuable source of marketing evidence, and in the age of revenue marketing, we’re all obsessed with evidence. What kind of ads influence the lead conversion? What kind of calls and collateral influence the sale? Reliable marketing evidence takes time and money to collect, so any chance you get to access it for free is a jackpot.

The podcasts listed below — in no particular order — are some of the modern marketer’s most valuable, convenient sources of evidence. You can use this evidence to improve your skill set, to pitch the boss on a campaign, or to establish new metrics for your team. 



About ConversionCast:

ConversionCast is published by LeadPages —  a software platform that helps businesses “create pages, convert customers, and conquer the world.” ConversionCast gives marketers concrete examples and real-life case studies. Each guest on the show provides a problem, solution, and hard before-and-after data to help you increase conversions at your own company.  

Eschewing a consistent formula on length, ConversionCast episodes can range from five minutes to an hour, depending on the topic. Host Tim Paige does a good job ending the show when it makes sense. With a five-star average from 152 iTunes ratings, ConversionCast is one of the more highly-rated podcasts in the industry.

Schedule: While ConversionCast doesn’t follow a regular schedule, they release several new episodes each month. 

Listen: LeadPages ArchiveiTunesStitcher

Twitter: Tim Paige (host), ConversionCast

Social Media Marketing

About Socialsocialmediamarketing_sme_stelzner_logo Media Marketing:

The Social Media Marketing Show is a podcast hosted by Michael Stelzner, CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner. Weekly, 45-minute episodes focus on using social media to grow your business. The show’s stated mission is to “help you navigate the constantly changing social media jungle.”

You’ll hear success stories, cautionary tales, and interviews with social media experts. The Social Media Marketing podcast enjoys a perfect five-star average from over 470 iTunes ratings.

Schedule: Social Media Marketing releases new episodes each Friday. 

Listen: Social Media Marketing ArchiveiTunesStitcher

Twitter: Michael Stelzner (host), Social Media Examiner

This Old Marketing

About This this_old_marketing_podcast_logoOld Marketing:

This Old Marketing is hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two of the most well-known content marketing experts — founder and chief strategy officer of the Content Marketing Institute, respectively. The show explores content marketing best practices and trends, customer retention, and historical examples that are relevant today.

This Old Marketing enjoys a five-star rating on iTunes.


Schedule: Episodes average about an hour and air about once a week. 

Listen: This Old Marketing ArchiveiTunesStitcher

Twitter: Content Marketing InstituteJoe PulizziRobert Rose

Marketing Smarts

About Marketing Smarts:    marketing_smarts_logo

Marketing Smarts is another interview-style podcast where experts weigh in on unique marketing problems and how they were solved, providing actionable insights for the modern marketer.

The show host  —  Kerry O’Shea Gorgone — is an attorney, M.B.A., enterprise trainer, and former college professor. Gorgone covers a number of different topics such as influencer marketing, branding, and social media law. 

Schedule: Episodes average 30 minutes and are released weekly by MarketingProfs (almost always on Wednesday).

Listen: Marketing Smarts ArchiveiTunesRSS

Twitter: MarketingProfsKerry O’Shea Gorgone

Call to Action

call_to_action_unbounce_podcast_logoAbout Call to Action:

Call to Action is a interview-style podcast hosted by various marketing experts at Unbounce . With content inspired by the Unbounce blog, Call to Action covers marketing failures and success stories and offers actionable intelligence for improving conversion rates, landing pages and much more. The show also presents exclusive offers for marketing tools, events, and resources. 

Like other podcasts on our list, Call to Action enjoys a perfect five-star iTunes rating.

Schedule: Call to Action airs weekly on Wednesdays. 

Listen: Call to Action ArchiveiTunesStitcher

Twitter: Unbounce

Duct Tape Marketing

duct_tape_marketing_podcast_logoAbout Duct Tape Marketing:

Hosted by John Jantsch — author, consultant, and founder of Duct Tape Marketing —  the Duct Tape Marketing podcast features in-depth interviews with authors, business experts, and industry thought leaders. Each episode focuses on best practices that help small-to-medium business owners maximize  results while minimizing cost.

The Duct Tape Marketing podcast enjoys a 4.5-star average from over 80 iTunes ratings.


Schedule: The Duct Tape Marketing podcast airs weekly on Wednesdays.

Listen: Duct Tape Marketing Podcast ArchiveiTunesStitcher 

Twitter: John Jantsch

Becoming a Devoted Listener

Just as not every marketing tactic will work for every situation, not every episode of these podcasts will appeal to the unique needs of your business. But by joining the growing audience of podcast listeners, you’ll gain valuable insights that help you master your job. If any of these podcasts seem relevant to your business, try out a few episodes. You never know what you might learn. 

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