March 22, 2014

(Video) Mobile Gamification Apps

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As of 2013, the majority of mobile phones in America were smartphones. To take advantage of this huge market, businesses and employers alike have been creating apps that keep us entertained and  engaged. In fact, the increasing amount of time that we spend on our phones makes mobile an excellent medium for gamification.

One of the most well known gamification apps is Foursquare, which ignited a mobile check-in craze that rewarded frequent users with badges and discounts. And while Foursquare has since shifted its focus away from digital badges, its platform is still deeply rooted in loyalty.

This week, we review two additional mobile gamification platforms: OfficeVibe Mobile, and Splick-It.

OfficeVibe Mobile

Featuring the same attractive design elements found on its web-based platform, OfficeVibe Mobile makes sure users don’t have to be tied to their desks to participate in office engagement activities. OfficeVibe Mobile lets users complete activities with co-workers, complement colleagues on a job well done, and stay up to date on their office’s activities through a news feed and leaderboard.


Splick-It specializes in creating loyalty platforms for restaurants. Users can find nearby restaurants, place a to-go order, and earn digital rewards, all from their phone. Businesses can control which Splick-It features are available to their customers, as seen in the variation between Moe’s Southwest Grill and the Nashville-famous Pita Pit.

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