March 29, 2014

(Video) 3 All-in-One Project Management Platforms

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Finding the right project management tool can be a difficult process, one that even spans years before a great solution is discovered. Once the right platform is found however, it can change the entire way organizations go about their work, and help keep you under budget.

Project management software comes in two main types: industry specific and all-in-one.  This week, we review three versions of the latter that work well for any vertical.


Designed to simplify the often complex process of project management, DeskAway includes a number of features for adding greater detail to each task, like project-specific file uploads, blog functions, and native messaging. DeskAway also offers some sharp, automated analytics tools.


A flexible platform capable of organizing development projects or marketing campaigns, Planbox users create “initiatives” which are this software’s version of projects. PMs can update files directly to projects, assign importance to projects based on point values, and view how quickly your project is progressing with Planbox’s velocity report.


Entirely cloud-based, RedBooth’s interface organizes projects and tasks in separate news-feed like columns. The dashboard is completely customizable, and the tasks on the right hand side of the screen all have feature more detailed information when clicked. RedBooth pro features include the useful ability to host video meetings within the software and generate analytics reports.

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