June 15, 2015

Use Field Service Management Software To Cut Your Business Costs

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This is a guest post from Laura Morrissey, the content editor at Eworks Manager. Laura writes about how technology and businesses can work together, and focuses on the field service industry.


Field service management software (FSM) is a means of digital job management, giving you control of your workers, tasks, invoices, finances, stock control and documents. It is designed to aid organizations that send their workers out to do jobs, and need to remotely monitor them. This in turn keeps employees on their toes and encourages them to work to their best standard, knowing that their performance is being tracked. There are a number of reasons why a business should incorporate FSM into their routine, many of which center around cutting costs.

How Does Field Service Management Software Work?

The main system allows direct control over all features; however there are apps available with field service management software, enabling you to take these features out and about. With most software, you will not always need an internet connection as anything you wish to upload or alter will update automatically as soon as there is an internet connection within range.

Notification and service orders have also been installed, facilitating the easy giving of instructions and updates.  The iOS or Android applications are where the software becomes especially useful to a business.  Work order management can be optimized and planned more easily in real-time. Field service HR can view what is going on with their workers out on the road and view the history of each worker, customer and equipment used.

Saving Time

Handling your projects, invoices and documents digitally can save you a lot of time, particularly when many time consuming, manual tasks can now be done in a flash, such as accounting and invoicing.  Instead of manually printing invoices, they can be emailed automatically to the client. Your field service management software should also integrate with QuickBooks allowing for speedier accounting.

Keeping on top of your projects and staying organized can also help save time and lower costs as you know where to find and how to access everything, giving you direct information and communication. This can be done from the main management system and you will have access to your documents, calendar, workers and clients, keeping on top of everything digitally and fast.

GPS technology also allows the company to locate the clients and structure a quicker pathway, saving time and cost.

Productive Workers

Employees can achieve more during their working day if they have field service management software that keeps them in contact with management and update their task status as they complete projects.

Most software contains smart GPS technology that allows the company to track where the worker is going, and helps organize tasks. With GPS and data capturing/recognition, the company can find the client’s location, access their information, and create a structured path between each customer. This prevents a technician from ‘zig-zagging’ all over the area, and reduces fuel costs as well as saving time. Knowing exactly where employees and inventory are is always necessary, and allows employers to measure the efficiency of their technicians.

Management can also give their workers feedback and direct communication, which motivates employees and gives them constructive feedback. You are also able to incorporate a reward system, encouraging employees to do better and rewarding them for their hard work. This can ignite a drive for success which can in turn, benefit your business and ultimately save you money.

Happy Customers

From the lead management system, you are able to import potential customers into the software and speedily manage existing enquiries. Quotes can also be produced from the main system, leading to more sales as well as securely settled payments. Tracking your financial status via the software will also help you to keep on top of things and invoicing customers has never been quicker and easier.

Clients can also be given access to the software, in order to keep them up to date with job progress. They are also able to create jobs as well as approve invoices to hurry things up, which can be set up for each customer if necessary. If the customer is happy, this sets the way for future business either with the clients themselves or whoever they spread the word to. Completing a job fast and effectively will leave your client happy and make time for you to work on the remaining projects of other clients.

The return on investment of implementing field service management software into your company is clear to see. Field service management software, if purchased needs to be embraced and fully welcomed into your strategy. It is a transformative technology that will move a business into new opportunities in today’s modern work landscape. Yes, costs will be cut too but your competitive advantage gained from the mobility and analytics features of a tool, will be the real driving force in making the software worth your while.