August 25, 2021

Trello Gives All Users Unlimited Power Ups

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In a blog post, Trello announced a new pricing scheme and extra capabilities for users, most notably that they will remove the restriction of a single Power Up on free workspaces. In addition, they will be changing their Trello Gold and Trello Business Class plans to a $5 per month Standard plan (paid annually, per user) and a $10 per month Premium plan.

Upgrades to the Free plan

Previously, users of the free plan were restricted to a single Power Up, Trello’s integration and add-on tools. Now teams can connect to Slack, email, and key Atlassian apps in addition to crucial business apps – all at once. Helpful tools like time tracking, data visualizations, and documentation can all work side-by-side in the same workspace.

There are still limitations in place on the Free plan, however. Teams are limited to 10 boards in a workspace and 10mb per asset upload, although the number of asset uploads per workspace is unlimited.

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Atlassian has changed Trello for the better

Trello has long been a staple of the project management tools space, targeting small and medium businesses and teams. When Atlassian acquired the company in 2017, there were fears that the collaboration software company would reduce the much-loved Trello free plan, or significantly change the app.

It looks like Atlassian has changed Trello, but for the better. The tool will be more useful than ever with unlimited Power Ups, which bring users helpful add-ons like time tracking, reporting, and connections to other collaboration tools like Slack. And by simplifying and expanding features in the already low-priced plans, businesses are more likely to expand their use of the tool. Premium plans also include administrative oversight of users and security features, a key feature that makes it more appealing to enterprise teams that need these tools over a full project management software.

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