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March 16, 2014

Top Tech Tweets of February (and a few from January).

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Quite a bit has happened the past couple of weeks in the technology world. The SXSW festival took place, Microsoft chose a new CEO, and the internet celebrated a birthday, just to name a few. Below, you’ll find 10 of the best (and often hilarious) commentary on these events, from our favorite tech inventors, founders, and writers.
For the past week, Twitter feeds everywhere were dominated with #SXSW. We picked the tweets we liked the most from the festival for numbers 1-5.
1. Google Ventures partner MG Siegler tweeted about SXSW’s technical difficulties.

2. Joseph Weisenthal, executive editor of Business Insider, offered his thoughts on the event’s relevancy, with Chralie Warzel, Buzzfeed’s technical editor.

3. Business Insider editor Steve Kovach tweeted about the popularity of Julian Assange’s interview.

4.Then Kovach made a Breaking Bad reference during Edward Snowden’s talk.

5. In the end, Technologizer founder Harry McCracken thought that the conference actually improved.

6. Web founder Tim Berners-Lee tweeted about his Reddit AMA where he discussed the importance of Net Neutrality.

7. The Times gave us a glimpse into its reception (via Charles Arthur, tech editor of The Guardian).

8. Bitcoin trading hub Mt. Gox closed due to a massive heist. Self described “bitcoin evangelist” Ben Davenport wasn’t impressed by their PR damage control.

9. Microsoft named a new CEO. Bill Gates seemed excited…

10. Though GeekSquad founder Robert Stephens was skeptical.

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