February 8, 2017

Top Sessions to Catch at Interop ITX 2017

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As much fun as it is to escape to Vegas for a party weekend, IT professionals and tech leaders have a better reason to book a ticket to Sin City next month.

The Interop ITX Conference is taking place May 15-19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference organizers promise a year’s worth of tech education in just five days. With a schedule that includes keynote speakers from some of the top tech companies, Fortune 500 players, and even the White House, every attendee is sure to walk away with new insight.

Conference attendees can choose from six technology tracks—cloud, data/analytics, devOps, infrastructure, leadership/development, and security. Beyond the lineup of speakers and sessions, additional deep-dive summits are available for attendees who want focused learning in a particular area.

To give you a better idea of what to expect from each track, here are some of the conference’s top featured sessions, by category:

1. Cloud

Demystifying AWS: Best Practices to Get Started

Led by Julio Faerman, Developer Relations Engineer, Amazon Web Services

If you’ve been wanting to get started with AWS but aren’t sure where to begin, this is a perfect crash course for newcomers. Learn the ins-and-outs of AWS from the experts.

2. Data/Analytics

Leveraging Big Data for Business Success

Led by Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Data science was named the sexiest job of the 21st Century by Harvard Business Review. In his session, Kirk Borne will discuss the basics of data science as well as how analytics can enable rapid event detection, novelty discovery, and predictive modeling for proactive responses to changing business conditions.

3. DevOps

Best Practices from The Best: DevOps Unicorns Netflix, Etsy, and More

Led by Suzette Johnson, Certified Enterprise Agile Coach, NG Fellow, Northrop and Robin Yemen, Agile/DevOps Coach, Lockheed Martin

How do the companies that are the best in the game inject agility and positivity into their devOps culture? Find out at this session, which will discuss how devOps team of any size can create a culture where business and people thrive. 

4. Infrastructure

The Robots Are Coming: What Skills We Must Teach to Prepare for An Automated Future

Led by Jonathan Davidson, Executive Vice President, Juniper Development and Innovation

This panel discussion will focus on three aspects of how automation is affecting tech: 1) Outlooks on the future tech workforce 2) How to prepare professionally for an increasingly automated job market, and 3) How education must change in order to meet the needs of the changing workforce.

5. Leadership & Professional Development

Talent is Skills Plus Culture

Led by Joseph Eng, CIO, TravelClick

A digital world has made it easier than ever to spread the word about job opportunities at your organization. And with more and more individuals getting into tech, it’s becoming easier to find someone with the skills to fit your open roles. But if you take a look at your best and most regrettable hires, you’ll probably notice a pattern—the best hires not only have the skills you need, they also assimilate well with your company culture. In this session, you’ll learn how to interview and hire for culture fit. 

6. Security

Security Awareness Isn’t Enough: Using the Science of Habits to Transform Use Behavior

Led by Bikash Barai, Co-founder, Cigital India

Humans go through nearly half of their daily routine without even thinking, thanks to innate habits. In his session, Bikash will teach attendees how to use the science of habits to increase best security practices amongst your users. 

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Of course, Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas if there wasn’t an opportunity to let loose. Interwoven with educational sessions are social events where attendees can network and have fun. There will be a party at TopGolf (good swing not required), a block party with food, drinks, and 100+ tech vendors, fun runs, and more.

Don’t miss out. Visit here to sign up for the 2017 Interop ITX Conference. Use code “TA20” to get 20 percent off the current rate of any conference pass. Early bird pricing is available through the end of March.


Cover Image credit: “MGM Grand,” by Stewart Buchanan, via Flickr.