March 15, 2014

TechnologyAdvice Video Reviews: Enterprise Gamification Case Studies

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TechnologyAdvice Video Reviews: Enterprise Gamification Case Studies

Often times gamification vendors will choose one aspect on which to focus. Leaderboarded emphasizes social engagement through competition; Mobitto supplies businesses with an easy to use platform for creating loyalty programs. This week, we examine two companies that use gamification to influence a range of user behavior. And while these companies are not used exclusively targeted towards large businesses, they do count numerous enterprises among their clients.

Both of this week’s vendors provide clients with an out of the box gamification solution that addresses sales, loyalty and engagement metrics. And since it’s valuable to assess products in action, both of our videos examine case studies for these two vendors.


A plug-in that includes a retail time channel feed, Qmerce offers large organizations a means to track engagement across their social media accounts and increase ecommerce sales. This platform also features challenges that users can share on their social media as well as detailed user profiles.  In this video, we examine Craftsman’s application of the Qmerce platform, which features actual games that reward users with virtual currency that they can redeem for actual prizes.


Having done work with clients like Microsoft and American Express, Badgeville boasts one of the most robust client lists for a software as a service gamification platform. This platform supplies clients with an intuitive means to create a rewards system composed of points and badges, which is complemented with a social media feed that tracks engagement metrics.

This week, we examine Samsung Nation, an online community integrated with Badgeville’s platform.

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