March 7, 2014

Tech News Roundup: Week of March 3, 2014

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Get ready for the weekend. We’ve got the best articles from our blog, and a few favorite from around the web, neatly summarized below.

1. Members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers reported that by 2020, they believe up to 85% of daily tasks will be games. In coming to this conclusion, they surveyed industries such as healthcare, education, and enterprise, where games are becoming a common part of work. While some may not like the idea, gamification has been shown to improve efficiency and boost company morale.

2. Put this on the list of things to remind your employees about. While it might seem like common knowledge to not send sensitive information over public wifi networks, European cyber crime agency Europol says they’ve an increase in the practice. This is due in part to the growth of mobile computing, which has led to consumers using public networks for everything from banking to social networking.

3. Microsoft released a business analytics tool designed for small businesses. The software, called Microsoft Power BI, works as an add-on to Microsoft Office. It’s designed to let companies combine their own data with larger, publicly available data sets in order to find market trends. The software should help bridge the growing data-gap between small companies and larger enterprises.

4. Yahoo has decided it’s time to go it’s own way, at least in terms of social logins. While users on services such as Flickr and Fantasy Sports have been able to log in using their Google or Facebook accounts, they’ll now have to create Yahoo accounts. The move is designed to provide Yahoo with more detailed users analytics, although it could come at the cost of site traffic.

5. Google’s Eric Schmidt has some thoughts on democracy, and tech’s role in it. While tech companies usually tend towards politically agnostic, Schmidt makes some pointed statements in his SXSW statements.

Have a great weekend, and make sure to check back for the latest research, news, and more.

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