January 21, 2014

How Datanyze Helps Sales Teams Spy

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Startup Datanyze wants to help outbound sales teams spy on other companies. Not in the form of corporate espionage, but rather by finding out exactly what software businesses are using, so that rival sales teams can attempt to poach them. According to VentureBeat, Datanyze’s strategy seems to be paying off – they’ve recently been growing at a rate of 25% per month.

Their system works by crawling company websites (similar to how Google indexes pages), and scraping any available data for clues to the type of marketing automation, CRM, or e-commerce software that’s being used. This can come in the form of website code, plugins, or CSS markups. Once Datanyze knows what software is being used, they can alert rival sales teams, who can then attempt to poach that company’s business.

Such insights don’t come cheap. Plans currently start at $250 a month, and go as high as $1,200. The most advanced, “Enterprise” plan allows for salespeople to skim website info directly into Salesforce, and tells them when the optimal time to reach out to new clients is (based on the standard length of various software contracts).

Part of what makes Datanyze so valuable is their speed – they update all of their information every day. Whereas a lot of lead information can be weeks or even months old, Datanyze is providing something akin to a direct pipeline. Most importantly, it allows them to notify their customer’s almost immediately when a company starts using a new solution, or switches providers. Such up-to-date information helps salespeople focus their efforts on the companies at the very end of a contract, or those just starting a new trial. According to a case-study on Datanyze’s website, the co-founder of KISSmetrics says they now attribute 34% of their monthly sales to such data.

In addition, Datazyne’s website provides market share breakdowns for e-commerce solutions, marketing automation programs, and more. Some of their competitors include HG Data, and Salesify, both of which offer similar services.