July 23, 2015

Product Spotlight: Springboard Retail

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In this product spotlight video, Springboard Retail’s CEO Gordon Russell speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. As CEO, Russell shares how Springboard Retail helps businesses cost effectively scale point-of-sale stations using a web-based platform.

When asked about what separates Springboard Retail from other POS platforms, Russell explained they come from a retail background, “I’m a 20 years veteran of specialty apparel retailing, and actually built the system based on my experiences in that roll.” Springboard Retail targets retailers selling high-value products to repeat customers, and helps them build better relationships with those shoppers. Springboard can accommodate businesses that have multiple channels and/or multiple store fronts.

Russell also highlighted the platform’s low barrier-to-entry. He said that many customers set it up on their own and hardly ever have to contact Springboard Retail for assistance. He added:

“We have a fully functional customer success team and professional services team that’s available to handle implementation and professional services for retailers that need it. The best practice that we have come up with for retailers is to utilize, what we call, our quick start. It provides them with a dedicated customer success resource which will sit down with them and map out their implementation, and configure the product, and help them utilize their needs and utilize Springboard to the fullest.”

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Who is your ideal customer?

Russell: “Our ideal customer would be a retailer that sells a higher valued product that has repeat customer traffic, that get’s to know their customer, and has a relationship with their customer. A retailer that has multiple channels and/or that has multiple store fronts. We handle all that functionality that they require to make their business successful. Springboard retail is very flexible and extensible, and we have a variety of customers. Some of the ones that come to mind are regional retailers like Vestique, which is in the Carolinas. I think they have 10 stores. XCVI which is a national wholesale brand that moved into brick and mortar retailing recently. They actually started with Square, converted to ShopKeep, and then from ShopKeep went to Springboard Retail as they grew. Those are several examples of retailers that are our customers.”

TA: Tell us about your pricing structure.

Russell: “As a former retailer I’m very sensitive to pricing. I was always frustrated by the fact that I would always have to buy additional seats, licenses, support, maintenance and all this other stuff. We have really kept it really simple. Springboard is a cloud hosted, web based, suite of applications. We charge based on active selling stations per month. We ramp up with a retailer when they are in their busy season, and at peak they can easily launch a new selling station on an iPad, and iPad mini, a windows laptop, and a macbook (we are portable across platforms and devices). Then when they get into slower periods where they don’t utilize those selling stations they are not charged for those selling stations. We also have a tiered structure. Smaller retailers, that don’t need as much functionality, can start on what we call our standard tier, and then we have professional, enterprise, and we have our franchise tier. It’s geared both on the tiered level for functions and features, and everyone pays only when they use an active selling station. ”

TA: What’s a limitation of Springboard Retail?

Russell: “ A limitation Springboard Retail has, is that we don’t handle anything in the quick serve or the food side of retail. If you’ve got a coffee shop, an ice cream shop, or a restaurant we don’t have functionality to support that. That’s a separate segment that one day we will get into, but that’s not a segment we are approaching right now.”


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