July 11, 2014

How Redbooth Takes Collaboration to the Next Level

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It’s not enough for a project management solution to include progress charts and task sheets. Dozens of providers offer these tools effectively, and many of them do it for free. If a provider wants to stand out, they have to offer something more. To separate themselves from the many existent options, Redbooth, formerly known as Teambox, seeks to provide online collaboration software that takes your team’s communication to the next level.

When Teambox rebranded as Redbooth, the project management software provider launched an upgraded, enterprise-class collaboration platform. While Redbooth does provide a text communication option, its most impressive module comes in the form of screen sharing and HD video conferencing for dozens of users at one time. By integrating video conferencing directly onto their project management solution, Redbooth users can collaborate more seamlessly without ever leaving the platform.

Beyond internal messaging, Redbooth seeks to streamline the communication process through file and content management options in addition to optional integration with existing systems, including Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

Between a focus on collaboration features and a user-friendly interface, Redbooth’s system is fitting for projects with that have more team oriented tasks and less semantic, detail focused components. Tasks can be separated into three categories – things due today, things due soon, and things due in the far future. With Redbooth’s email integration, users can make updates to existing tasks and even create new tasks directly from their pre existing Gmail or Microsoft Outlook accounts.

To increase team members ease of access, Redbooth created iOS and Android apps that retain the full functionality of the web-based platform. The Redbooth platform also caters to multinational companies by supporting many different languages, including English, French, German, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.

Through its simplistic design, the Redbooth interface is easy for new users to quickly understand and navigate. You can see a quick walk through of the interface here:

Redbooth’ s project management software is available to companies and groups of all sizes, with scaled pricing that includes a free option for up to five users on a project. While this could be a good way to sample the product, the free version serves as more of a file sharing and storage platform than a collaboration tool, lacking many of the features that separate Redbooth from competitors.

Redbooth also does not allow for users to view the projects without being paid members. For smaller businesses with a smaller budget, adding members to the system can quickly add up. Regardless, Redbooth can still be a viable option for companies with smaller budgets if they use the platform for projects with a smaller team.

While the Redbooth platform is most easily accessible and affordable through the web, there is an on-premise option available for companies seeking to go beyond the standard 256-bit encryption. Choosing the Redbooth on-premise offering increases the price per user significantly, but is a good option for businesses with highly sensitive data, or companies seeking to meet regulatory guidelines.

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