September 25, 2014

IT Pros: Interop New York is Your Next-Level Upgrade

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Jennifer “JJ” Jessup, General Manager of Interop, shared insight into the two events Interop is hosting in 2014. One was in Las Vegas in the Spring, and one is in New York during the Fall.

The theme for Interop New York is a continuation of their Vegas conference, where they celebrated the IT community there, and helped further connect that community with each other.

Full Content Program for Interop New York 2014

From September 29 to October 3, 2014, Interop is a five-day program scheduled as follows:

Monday and Tuesday:

  • Half-day and full-day workshops covering:

The bulk of the Interop Conference occurs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, offering eight conference tracks:

  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Applications
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Computing
  • The Business of IT

The Business of IT track is for those looking to advance their career and elevate that status of IT within their organization. As more and more enterprise-level IT decisions are being made outside of the IT department, Interop wants their attendees to feel comfortable connecting, discussing, and learning from marketing, sales, finance, and other departments whose input often drives technology decisions. Consequently, they’re offering classes such as “The CIO and CMO – Adversaries No More.” Ultimately, they want IT professionals to be viewed as decision-makers and business-drivers.

Attendees can also expect 100+ helpful exhibitors showcasing their products and solutions on Wednesday and Thursday, and four keynote speeches on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

The keynote theme is “Getting IT Professionals to the Next Level,” and attendees will hear from speakers including:

  • Seth Meyers, host of Late Night: Meyers’ half-hour stand-up comedy routine, the first time Interop has invited a celebrity keynote speaker, will celebrate—and may poke fun at—the world of IT.
  • Harper Reed, Obama campaign CTO: Reed is a well-known figure at the forefront of the next generation of technology, and is responsible for a few startups of his own.
  • Steve Comstock, VP of infrastructure at CBS Interactive: Comstock will talk about embracing “shadow” IT at a time when users move faster and request newer, better technologies to help them fulfill their roles.
  • CTO of Gilt: Gilt’s online flash-sale store and app features sales of brands such as Gucci and other luxury clients.
  • CIOs and CTOs: They’ll profile their journey on how they got to where they are, and how technology and smart decision-making have enabled their companies to grow.

Jessup’s Journey to UBM and Interop

Jessup has a diverse background in events. She’s worked with UBM, a large tech company based in London, for 16 years, where she managed events in the chemical market and worked on game developer conferences and embedded systems.  

Interop’s loyal and excited customer base drew her to the conference. Not every event has such a loyal community feel, and that’s what Jessup is proud of continuing to help foster.

Jessup belongs to UBM tech, one of the many worldwide divisions of UBM, where she and her team help run conferences like Interop, Black Hat (for security professionals), the Game Developers Conference, and Enterprise Connect (for communications professionals).

Stay in the loop, buy your ticket, and more by visiting or following their Twitter feed at @interop. Listen to the entire interview below: