June 16, 2016

Product Spotlight: Puppet

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In this product spotlight video, Puppet’s Director of Sales, Tim Zonca, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Zonca explains how Puppet is an IT management solution for delivering, operating, and securing your infrastructure.

We give you a common language for managing anything in your data center,” Zonca says. “Unlike other solutions that help you automate a portion of your stack, we help you automate everything.”  That includes physical, virtual, cloud, or even applications running on a mainframe; Puppet offers a standard way to manage all of it.

Best Practices for Using Puppet

Zonca says users should try to combine two different approaches. First, have the high-performing team in your organization deploy Puppet. This lets them automate and manage applications and the infrastructure that supports them. Then deploy Puppet to the rest of your organization.

“Pick one thing to automate,” he says. “It might be something straightforward, but that has big implications — something like NTP, where you can start to automate the way you manage NTP across your entire environment. When you do these two things in conjunction, it allows the high-performing team to benefit from automation and serve as an example for the rest of the organization.”

Once you have your high-performing team on Puppet, they can show the rest of the organization on how to use it in a more advanced way.

Puppet’s Ideal Customer

“Our target customers are enterprises that want to deliver better software, faster,” Zonca says. “At this point, it expands across industries. We have customers in many different verticals, and I think it’s because the problems that IT faces are similar whether you’re in financial services, retail, or manufacturing. One of the things that we do particularly well within the enterprise demographic is help teams automate their delivery and operation of distributed applications and the global infrastructure that’s required to run them; we make that happen in a simple and scalable way.”

Puppet’s Price Point

“I think the focus we have at this point is really geared toward teams that are managing infrastructure at scale and around the globe. So, we are not well-suited for an individual or a small team managing a small set of infrastructure. If you only have 10 machines that you’re managing, and that’s it, we are probably not a good fit.

“We are a stronger choice for companies managing infrastructure at scale; that’s where customers are going to see the most benefit. Our product is designed around those teams that are providing and operating the applications, the infrastructure, etc., and they have multiple teams around the world delivering these services in the enterprise.”

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