August 7, 2015

Product Spotlight: PlayVox

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In this product spotlight video, PlayVox’s Marketing Director, Briana Songer, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Songer shares how PlayVox helps call centers effectively implement PlayVox to gamify the training, coaching, and accomplishments.

When asked about what separates PlayVox from other gamification platforms, Songer explained that they don’t rely just on games, points and ranking systems. She says, dangling the carrot is only good for short term motivation.  Songer expanded, “What we do is apply gamification through a continuous cycle of improvement at both the supervisor and agent level.”  Songer went on to say that PlayVox has customizable agent score cards which guides the team leader on the best next action whether it is coaching for improvement or recognition for obtaining a goal.

PlayVox works with all kinds of businesses, from B2C companies, to BPOs, to call centers. Songer said that most of their clients already have some kind of system in place, but “in an old school fashion.”  Many of their clients turn to Playvox in order to level up these systems and automate processes on a more transparent level.

Regarding best practices for their software, Songer explained:

“We suggest by starting with the quality and performance capabilities. It can be overwhelming at first to figure out which key metrics  you want track. I think that’s the biggest challenge that  most of our clients have. We suggest taking more of a team approach, and discuss priorities from the agent all the way up to the director level, and start with 4 to 5 key metrics that are achievable for agents that will increase customer satisfaction.”  

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Who is the ideal customer for PlayVox?

Songer: “We have a range of clients right now, from small to large in size. There’s B2C companies, BPOs, and call centers. While our main focus is on call centers, we also have some back office operations. All of our customers share a common goal wanting to increase quality metrics in order to improve the customer experience. Most of our clients already have something in place where they are tracking quality metrics and rewarding employees, but in an old school fashion. What they like about our software is being able to level it up, and automate the process on a more transparent level.”

TA: Tell us about your pricing structure.  What does that look like?

Songer: “We offer 3 plans depending on the user’s’ needs. It’s the same for all sizes of businesses.  The difference is the capabilities in each plan.  It starts at 24 dollars per user per month. It’s a cloud based platform, so it can be implemented across organizations.  The users can be added on a monthly basis or taken off.  That’s good for expanding businesses and seasonal growth.”

TA: What’s a limitation of PlayVox?

Songer: “We do have a minimum of 25 agents to on board the product. That is done to ensure that there’s the right infrastructure in place to get the best value out of it. Additionally, we are not a business intelligence tool, but rather a platform that uses and pulls the data from whatever CRM, API, or Excel file that is currently tracking the data. We take it and provide feedback to employees from supervisors, to agents, and the customer to agent level. We will be coming out with a mobile version of the platform soon, but that is not out yet.”

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