June 4, 2015

Product Spotlight: Pipeliner CRM

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Tags: CRM

In this week’s product spotlight video, Pipeliner’s CMO Eric Quanstrom speaks with our resident Technology Analyst, Josh Bland. As Pipeliner CMO, Quanstrom shares how Pipeliner has helped businesses succeed, and what they specifically offer to their clients. Quanstrom also explains how Pipeliner “is the world’s most visual CRM.”


When asked about what separates Pipeliner from other CRM systems on the market, Quanstrom explained how users should first look to the visual orientation of their CRM. In order to help make “pipeline management drag and drop easy,” Pipeliner integrates with companies’ individual sale stages so that users can see everything on one screen and develop their sales process.

Regarding best practices, Quanstrom encouraged new users to “really clearly define your sales process.” Quanstrom went on to add:

You can’t actually use the product until you do so. The sales stages are unique to your business. Pipeliner maps to your whole sales organization, again the concept of multiple pipes. We can feature the natural splits you would have within your sales organization. If you wanted to manage by territory or down to the individual sales reps, reports, statistics, what they’re doing, what their opportunity pipeline looks like you can. We can facilitate all of that. A lot of our best customers are prepared for success when they go in at a really high velocity to our product and can tune it and use it everyday, almost as if it weren’t even there. It’s just part of what they do.

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Tell us about your ideal customer.

Quanstrom: “Our current sweet spot are businesses between 50-500 people. We see a huge amount of traction in and around manufacturing, IT, consulting, and then a lot of people focused on the sales process itself. When you think about a B2B sale, it usually involves a human salesperson, whether inside or outside or in a territory or even in an account management situation. We support those people. We have the concept of multiple pipelines, a lot of cool features where you can see and break down the organization you’re selling into with an org-chart view or even determine lines of influence or buyer behavior, directly within our tool. It’s kind of making the job of sales really professional and it’s a tool that marries with how you would normally attack a sales cycle anyhow.”

TA: What is the pricing model?

Quanstrom: “We’re big believers in transparency. For everything the price is $35 per seat per month. No gimmicks, no tiers, no ‘oh well you didn’t quite get this piece of software until our higher level.’ No. It’s $35 for everybody per seat per month.”

TA: Are there any limitations to Pipeliner?

Quanstrom: “We should probably say upfront we’re not trying to be all things to all people. We won’t handle your helpdesk, payroll or marketing automation. We are very focused on the sales part of CRM: your sales process. That encompasses everything from lead management through to close and account management. All things in-between including sales forecasting, process, all of the documents, emails, calendar activities, and social feeds that would go into a sales process. We do have integrations and bi-directional sync with a lot of other best-of-breed products. That’s really our philosophy. Though it’s a limitation, it’s really intentional.”

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