April 11, 2016

Product Spotlight: onepoint PROJECTS

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In this product spotlight video, onepoint PROJECTS CEO Gerald Aquila speaks with Technology Analyst, Eric Perry. Onepoint is a full-featured project and portfolio management platform for companies in every vertical.  

About onepoint PROJECTS

We asked Aquila what separates onepoint from other project management platforms. “For a real PPM solution, onepoint is easy to use and fast to roll out — especially the cloud edition,” Aquila said. “One reason is that you can customize everything with settings directly in the app. You can also change settings later on without doing any harm to your data.”

Ideal Customers

Since project management is a horizontal discipline, onepoint’s ideal customers aren’t limited to any specific industry or vertical. Aquila says that an ideal customer would be “a medium-sized project organization that values simplicity and wants to have a clear and consistent overview of different kinds of projects, like customer-facing projects, R&D, and marketing.”


Regarding best practices for using their software, Aquila says to keep the platform simple in the beginning. “Project management activities are necessary, but not very liked. So you want to realize what we call ‘quick wins’ with your end users to ensure a high level of acceptance early on. You can always add more tools later.”


Onepoint’s pricing structure is relatively straightforward. “We license on an end-user basis, and we also have add-on modules that we call ‘options.’ You only buy what you really need. You also only pay for active users, so users who don’t need access can be deactivated. There aren’t any hidden costs, for example, on the number of projects, documents, or anything like that.”

Onepoint also offers free editions (Personal Server and Group Server) for up to four users. 


“I think a clear limitation of onepoint is that we don’t provide extensive offline capabilities. There are some offline features in our mobile apps (like time tracking), but it’s not a strong point for the platform. We don’t have a desktop app, because we fully embrace web access. For us, in the enterprise scenario, that makes the most sense in the long run. Of course not everyone would agree with us.”

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