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October 29, 2015

Product Spotlight: One Step Retail

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In this product spotlight video, One Step Retail’s Scott Kreisberg speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Kreisberg shares how One Step Retail is a point of sales system that also covers inventory, eCommerce, and even serves as a loss prevention tool.

When asked about what separates One Step Retail from other retail platforms, Kreisberg says it’s their  30+ years of experience in the retail space. He says he has never seen two retailers do things identically:

Because of that, we offer multiple solutions.  We can get a much more custom fit than our competition.”

One Step Retail’s ideal customers are independent retailers with 1-500 locations thatis not a restaurant type retailer. Regarding best practices for their software, Kreisberg says to “talk with references” and do your homework.

If you choose One Step as a POS provider, trust the tried and true One Step process: 

“We attended the finest university: The School of Hard Knocks. After doing this for 30 years, we’ve made all of our mistakes — decades ago — and overall we’ve created a really, really great processes to roll out our retail technology with the least amount of business interruption.”

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation.

TA: Who is the ideal customer for One Step Retail?

Kreisberg: Our ideal customer ranges in size. It’s an independent retailer with 1-500 locations that is not a food and beverage retailer (i.e., restaurant). The reason we can cover such a wide spectrum is because we have multiple products, not because we are stretching a single product to handle something that it’s not really designed to do. We have products that are designed for “Mom and Pop” stores, products for the 5-50 mid-tier, and we have enterprise products for 50-500 stores. 

TA: What does pricing look like for One Step Retail?

Kreisberg: There are two really popular models today. One is where you pay an upfront cost to purchase the software and then there’s a small annual fee, but it’s a perpetual license and one that you can use indefinitely.

The second is the one that seems to be growing in popularity, which is the SaaS model, or Software as a Service. There’s no big upfront cost, you can just pay a monthly fee. But you have to pay every month to keep it functioning.

So all our products have either one or both of those models depending on what the retailer is looking for.

TA: What’s a limitation of One Step Retail?

Kreisberg: As far as limitations go, the traditional concept is that One Step is a VAR —Value Added Reseller. What VARs typically focus on is the sale of a solution and not the management of the infrastructure — all the technology, the PCs, the networks, the internet, and all that. That is a limitation of One Step. The companies that typically handle all that are what’s called MSP — Managed Service Providers.

Right now, we have actually started the process and within the next six months we will have an MSP within our model. We will be able to not only sell our solution, but we’ll actually be able to take full responsibility for the management of the infrastructure.

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