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October 14, 2015

Product Spotlight: Lumos POS

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In this product spotlight video, Lumos POS’s Sales Coach, Brad Slavin, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Slavin provides an overview of Lumos, a point of sales platform for brick and mortar businesses.

When asked about what separates Lumos from other point of sales platforms, Slavin says one of the biggest differentiators is their passion for small businesses. He says their customer support and service are what sets them apart from other vendors.  

Slavin detailed who Lumos’s ideal customers are by explaining who isn’t a good fit. He says that Lumos isn’t built for restaurants and quick serve point of sale situations, though it is ideal for retailers with inventory or businesses interested in selling their products online.

Regarding best practices for their software, Slavin says, “don’t be afraid to plug it in.” He went on to add:

“…start letting the system manage those transactions. We have a super easy way of getting inventory into the system, which is often the biggest hurdle to successful point of sale deployment. Our system caters to that with our barcode scanner. We just want people to be able to plug it in, turn it on, and the system will learn and help you sell more effectively.”  

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation.

TA: Who is the ideal customer for Lumos POS?

Slavin: Let me tell you who’s not a good fit for us. We’re not a restaurant or a quick serve point of sale system — we’re not great at that. Our ideal customer is a retailer who has inventory — a clothing store, a vape shop, or some other type of retailer; a business that needs to track inventory or display or sell their products online.

Lumos is unique because it incorporates a fully featured e-commerce system that is seamlessly linked to your in-store inventory,  customer databases, and customer rewards program. Our ideal client has employees, keeps inventory, needs to track sales, customers, loyalty, gift cards — and they want to do this all from one place, including their marketing and some of their social media.

TA: What does pricing look like for Lumos POS?

Slavin: Our pricing is straightforward. You can call it small, medium, and large. Large covers two locations with up to five cash registers. At each one of those locations, someone can do about 5,000 transactions a month. This option, which is our most expensive option, is $120 per month for the software. It’s an awesome value.

We also have a starter program, “small,” which starts at about 40 bucks per month and has all the features a small merchant would need to run effectively. We also have the option for businesses to lease the hardware, so they can get a turn-key solution from one place. The cost for the hardware per register is about 40 bucks per month. This means a business owner can have a fully featured point of sale system with marketing automation, cash register, and all the features they would want for about $80 per month.

TA: What’s a limitation of Lumos POS?

Slavin: We are great a managing inventory, email marketing, social media, selling, employee management, credit card sales, and e-commerce. A big limitation is if someone needs to manage inventory in multiple stores in multiple locations — we aren’t great at that yet. But since it’s ever evolving, it’s something that we are working on.

Another thing we aren’t good at is restaurants. Restaurants typically don’t need to keep track of inventory, and really we solve the need for that brick and mortar retailer who has inventory. Our ideal merchant has a single location. The feedback that we are getting from our customers, in those type of situations, is that we are a great fit for their business.

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