July 12, 2016

Product Spotlight: Kissflow

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In this product spotlight video, Kissflow’s vice president of product management, Dinesh Varadharajan, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Kissflow is an easy-to-use business process management platform.

What separates Kissflow from its competitors? 

Varadharajan says one of the biggest differentiators is that you don’t need to be a programmer to use Kissflow. “Kissflow is built for users, not programmers. You don’t have to write any code to use this product.” Kissflow uses a simple drag-and-drop function to let users create new applications and workflows.

Name one best practice for using Kissflow.

Varadharajan says Kissflow holds weekly seminars for all of their customers and people interested in Kissflow. “Watching those [seminars] will give people a better understanding of how to use Kissflow in their organization.” Kissflow also offers detailed documentation and online videos to teach users how to use the platform. Varadharajan says they also have a team of technical support executives available 24/7 to help you rollout your first application or troubleshoot problems later on. 

Describe Kissflow’s ideal customer.

“Our ideal customer is a small to medium-size business (SMB), especially people in HR and finance,” Varadharajan says. “We normally target companies with 50 to 500 users. Some of our most common users are human resource and finance managers, who use Kissflow to automate applications within those departments. So those are our ideal customers. Of course, we have other types of customers that use Kissflow for ‘long-tail’ applications. They may already have ERPs and CRMs in place, but want to further automate those systems.”

What does pricing look like?

“We only have one plan. It’s $3 per user, per month. Normally, we sell it in packages of ten. So if you have ten users, it adds up to about $30 per month. Whoever creates the workflows and applications (the administrator) pays an additional $18 per month. A normal package runs about $48 per month.”


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