August 13, 2015

Product Spotlight: Hoopla

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In this product spotlight video, Hoopla’s CEO, Mike Smalls, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Smalls shares how Hoopla helps engage and motivate employees in the workplace.

When asked about what separates Hoopla from other gamification platforms, Smalls says that Hoopla proactively pushes information out to employees:

Our competitors often require their employees to log into systems just to get access to information. We broadcast it and push it out, and we make it very prominent throughout a company.”  

Smalls went on to say that Hoopla combines the best of digital signage, back-end data systems, and gamification techniques to form a play to win environment.

Hoopla focuses on mid-market companies, as well as enterprise sized companies. Smalls said that Hoopla works for companies with multiple offices, who are looking to engage, motivate, and connect employees. He says Hoopla is used to celebrate key events and recognize employees in real time.

Regarding best practices for their software, Smalls says that it’s very easy to get up and running:

“There should be no huge IT technical involvement in the process. The best practices are to make sure that you take advantage of the personalization aspects. Allow the end users to put their own videos, songs and use other features. By allowing that to happen, it really makes the system very dynamic and engaging, where people really love it. If you try to police it too much, it really takes the joy out of the whole system.”  

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Who is the ideal customer for Hoopla?

Smalls: Our sweet spot is the mid-market customer with multiple offices, where they want to engage employees, motivate them, and connect them throughout the organization. Making sure that people are actually aware of what is happening, celebrating key things, and recognizing employees in real time.

TA: Tell us about your pricing.

Smalls: We have simple, easy to understand pricing.  We price it by the user per month, starting around 15 dollars per user, per month. Really simple and straightforward.  A customer can go on our website, sign up and be using the product in just a few short minutes.

TA: What’s a limitation of Hoopla?

Smalls: I would say there is a theoretical limitation. Our product amplifies an existing culture that a company has. We won’t fix that for a company. What we do is allow people to customize it and take the culture and kinds of communication they have throughout the company and make them stronger. What it won’t do, is fix it for a company if they have issues there.

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