May 20, 2015

Product Spotlight: Highfive Video Conferencing

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In this week’s Product Spotlight video, Michael Freeman, Head of Growth and Demand Generation, Explains How Highfive Is the Next Step in Video Conferencing.


TechnologyAdvice: What is Highfive?

Michael Freeman: “It’s easy to use video and web conferencing built and priced for every employee in every room in every company.”

TA: What differentiates Highfive from other video conferencing providers?

Freeman: “Legacy providers have really suffered from two problems: they’ve been insanely complex and ridiculously expensive and that’s limited their ability to get deployment and penetration across different companies. We’re incredibly easy to use and we’re affordable for any company to be able to deploy video across the entire business.”

TA: Tell us about your ideal customer

Freeman: “Really any company can use Highfive. Highfive’s ideal customer is a company with between 50-1000 employees or even up to 5000 employees.”

TA: What is Highfive’s pricing model?

Freeman: “Very simple pricing. Very straightforward. Our Highfive devices are $799 per device and you typically use one device per room.” The software, meanwhile, is free meaning companies don’t have to worry about monthly service charges. You buy one time or continue to buy as many devices as you need and then you can use the cloud-based service for web conferencing, video conferencing, and wireless presenting.

TA: Are there any limitations to Highfive?

Freeman: ”We don’t do large scale broadcasting today, our focus is making people productive and so in a town hall setting while it’s very useful for people to communicate, the purpose of [a town hall] is not about making people more productive so that’s [an] area we’re looking at for the future.”

TA: What’s a real world example of a company using this technology?

Freeman: “A team of accountants were looking at different financial models. One analyst showed their model and projected it up on the screen and when it was the next person’s turn to show their model, they pulled up their browser, hit the button and ‘BOOM’ their screen was up on the TV.”

TA: What’s the ultimate goal for Highfive?

Freeman: “If we’re successful the technology shouldn’t even be there. We should just fade into the background and let people focus on what they actually came to do.”