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May 26, 2016

Product Spotlight: Fixify

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Fixify is a mobile field service management solution designed to meet the needs of any size company. In this product spotlight, Fixify’s Director of Sales Ross Carman speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry about features, ideal customers, pricing, and limitations. 

“We can integrate with nearly any back-end system,” Carman says, “including some of the larger CRMs — Hubspot, Salesforce, Dynamics — and even home-grown solutions. Fixify is a scalable platform. We can dip into peripheral areas of field service management. Rostering, fleet management, and things like that.”  

Fixify’s ideal customers are companies looking to improve their business specifically from a field service standpoint. He says size is not a factor, since Fixify can scale up or down. “Some of our smaller field services organizations have problems just as complex as global corporations,” Carman says. “So, in terms of size, we don’t like to differentiate”

Regarding best practices for their platform, Carman says to avoid manually manipulating the schedule. “In the scheduling algorithm, Fixify looks at the schedule from a high level, rather than only one or two individual field technicians. While a dispatcher may not know why a certain work order was scheduled to a certain field tech, there is a reason when the system considers all the business rules and objectives. It may not necessarily make sense to the dispatcher, but it’s for the benefit of the overall schedule.”

He explains that the scheduling algorithm will be more efficient if you allow it to ingest all the business rules and objectives on its own. 

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

Who is the ideal customer for Fixify?

“One thing we like to focus on is the flexibility that Fixify offers. Our ideal customer really comes down to a company that’s looking to improve their business specifically from a field service standpoint. We have the ability and flexibility to scale with businesses of any size . . . anyone who’s looking to make improvements on the field services side with the assistance of scheduling, routing, and optimization.”

What does pricing look like for Fixify?

“We have competitive pricing tiers. Based on the number or licenses you purchase, you pay a monthly fee. Most of our customers don’t need any implementation services, so they can get access to the system and begin working all on their own. For some larger companies with complex requirements and integrations, our professional services team can provide a quote on that, but implementation fees aren’t standard when you’re getting started with Fixify.”

What’s a limitation of Fixify?

“The one limitation that we do have is that we’re a strictly cloud-based, SaaS application. That means we can’t customize the application for one specific customer. Basically, if one customer wants this really unique feature, we don’t have the ability to deliver that without pushing it to every other customer that we have. To compensate for this limitation, we try to provide a variety of out-of-the-box features in hopes that we can minimize the amount of requirements the application fails to meet and minimize the need for customizations.”


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