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June 29, 2016

Product Spotlight: Daylite, by Marketcircle

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In this product spotlight video, Marketcircle’s CEO, Alykhan Jetha, speaks with Technology Analyst, Eric Perry. AJ sat down with us to talk about Daylite, a business productivity platform for the apple ecosystem.

When asked what separates Daylite from competitors, AJ said, “You can always get work done, whether you have a connection or not.” He also explained how Daylite is native to the Apple ecosystem.  “You can work with your data right within apple mail. You don’t have to switch apps and so forth.”  

Daylite’s ideal customers tend to be entrepreneurs and small businesses. He says Daylite is specifically targeted toward companies with 1-50 employees.  “Typically, they are lawyers, real estate agents, consultants, photographers, designers, and so forth,” AJ said. These are usually “apple people” who run small businesses. “We aren’t catering to enterprises or big firms.”

Best Practice for Using Daylite

AJ says users should start by linking objects in Daylite. “For example, you have a contact and you have a project; make sure you link them. Or, you have a company and contacts within that company; make sure you link them. Linking is where Daylite shines . . . Once you experience the linkage, you will be motivated to learn more about the application.”

He also says you can follow Daylite’s documentation and videos to get the most out of the application.

What does pricing look like for Daylite?

“Daylite is priced at $29 per user, per month, or $24 per user, per month if you pay annually. In different areas of the world, the pricing is a little different, but we cater to the local currency if possible. For example 29 euros in Europe. We also have a ‘self serve’ option. This is where you host on your own server — a classic on-premise license. That is available on a per-seat basis. When we have an upgrade, you pay the upgrade price, and you manage your own server.”

What’s a limitation of Daylite?

“We are built for the apple ecosystem only, so no android and no windows, and also no browser-based operation, because we are a native app. That could be considered a limitation, but could also a positive. Depends on what devices and operating systems you use.”

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