July 29, 2016

Product Spotlight: Colabo

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Tags: Big Data

In this product spotlight video, Ariel Williams of Colabo speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Colabo is a flexible data visualization platform designed to cater to different types of users and skill sets. Williams explains a few features, best practices, and what makes Colabo unique.

What differentiates Colabo from competitors?

“There are many differentiators,” Williams says. “I think the main one is the flexibility that I just mentioned. Colabo’s flexibility is not just built around the way you consume information; it’s also they way you input information — dashboard reports, scorecards, etc. Users can directly input information from a source and store it up front in memory, in the memory engine that it’s behind, or in the data warehouse instructional memory. So there are a lot of options. Most of it is driven by drag and drop, and different properties they use to configure. Users can use the application to inject their own javascripts to further extend it and provide their own interactions, or even use the fully public API that we already have. Everything is fully accessible via the API.”

Name one best practice for implementing Colabo?   

“Like any other application, and because it’s so flexible, there are a lot of options for setting up. Watch our video tutorials, read the communications, or take one our training classes. We do offer a best practices training course, which is partly focused on the application itself, how to use it the best way, but also how to leverage the best practices in regards to technology. That’s an interesting option if you want to learn more.”  

What does pricing look like for Colabo ?

“Our product is priced a little differently than most competitors in our market. We’ve kind of created a built your own sales stack model that lets you choose which modules you want to pull together. That constructed stack is priced per seat.”

Regarding limitations to the platform, Ariel noted Colabo is a sophisticated platform and would not be suitable for a small business looking to spin up a quick site or blog. 


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