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October 21, 2015

Product Spotlight: Beekeeper

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In this product spotlight video, Beekeeper’s Michael Berman speaks with Technology Analyst, Eric Perry. Berman shares how Beekeeper is a mobile communication tool for a variety of workforces.

When asked about what separates Beekeeper from other communication platforms, Berman says that one of the biggest differentiators is that Beekeeper is completely white labeled:

Employees who use our solution think that they are using a communication tool that is built and branded for that organization.”

Berman explained that Beekeeper’s ideal customers are businesses with non-desktop employees, hourly employees, and companies in field employees.

Regarding best practices for their software, Berman says that’s part of their secret sauce:

“The size of the organization and the culture of each organization is really what determines how an organization uses the product. Fortunately, each customer who works with us gets a dedicated success manager who works with them on the internal strategy.”

He went on to add that Beekeeper is rolled out with a key user group to analyze how they use the communication tool. Once they understand how they use the tool, they then roll it out to the rest of the company.  

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Who is the ideal customer for Beekeeper?

Berman: Our ideal customer is a large organization that has a primary employee base that is a non-desktop employee, an hourly waged employee, or an in-field employee. More specifically, we work with many organizations with employees that do not have corporate email addresses. They have no way to receive corporate communication in a digital manner. The way they currently receive communication for an organization is typically through verbal weekly or daily meetings, or through bulletin boards in break rooms. What we do is break down those communication barriers by allowing employees to receive communication in real time.

TA: What does pricing look like for Beekeeper?

Berman: Our pricing works like a typical SaaS product. First of all, it’s an annual subscription, but we charge on a per user basis on a monthly fee. The price depends on the size of the organization.

TA: What’s a limitation of Beekeeper?

Berman: I would say the fortunate aspect we have going for us is that we have been working on the product for a long time, so for our core clientele we don’t get many feature requests. They are actually really happy with our product as it sits today. As a company, a great limitation is that there is actually a lot of companies out there looking for a product like this — and we need to figure out a way to get to them faster. So I would say that is an overall company limitation.

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