May 22, 2014

How Does the Nest Thermostat Fare in the Corporate World?

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The Nest thermostat has been a success in the consumer world, as evidenced by Google’s recent decision to purchase them. But how does the popular consumer device fare inside of a business?

TechnologyAdvice recently decided to make the switch to Nests, and they’ve shown to be very helpful in some aspects, with their fair share of problems. Installation was a breeze, except one issue. It turns out that Nest’s don’t work with external temperature sensors, which are often found in corporate environments.

Instead, Nest thermostats work off of ambient temperature only. That means each one must be located in the room it controls. This makes sense because the Nest does more than measure temperature, but I’ll cover that later. After discovering this we relocated our nest thermostats to their respective rooms and that was when the learning process began.

Shortly after the install, the Nest began to pay off. I had a late night assembling our new desks on the top floor, which can get hot without the manual labor, so I dropped the temperature a good amount. When I left, I forgot to turn it off and didn’t remember until later that night. That’s when one of the Nest’s best features came into play. The moment I realized I had forgotten, I opened up the smartphone app to turn it off. Turns out the Nest beat me to it. Using its motion detector, it was able to figure out I had left, and turned itself to away mode.

So far we’ve been using the Nests for a little over a month and ultimately turned off both the learning feature and the auto-away feature, as they didn’t work well for our office. However our CEO Rob Bellenfant decided to install them in his home, and is currently happy with them.

Has your office implemented any new tech products recently? How have your experiences been? Let us know in the comments!