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May 6, 2015

LiquidPlanner Project Management Product Spotlight

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In this week’s product spotlight, LiquidPlanner’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Jen Ash, speaks with our resident Technology Analyst, Josh Bland. Ash shares what LiquidPlanner does, how they work to help businesses succeed through flexible software, and what they specifically offer to their clients.


Ash succinctly described how LiquidPlanner “allows teams to manage their complex portfolio in a business environment that is every changing in a way that is data driven, yet usable and fun.”

When asked about what separates LiquidPlanner from other project management tools on the market, Ash gave a brief description of three important aspects of project management that LiquidPlanner does differently: structure, partnerships, and flexibility. They focus around one of their strongest differentiators, “a patented algorithm running behind the scenes that looks at three factors of information, your resources available, task estimates and organizational priority to build a realistic schedule for you.” Ash mentioned that “the application estimates in best case worst case ranges which ultimately factors in the inherent uncertainty that exists in almost every project out there.”

As a solution Ash explained that LiquidPlanner is comprehensive in real time. She went on to say how they offer “a workspace environment for teams to manage their entire portfolio, collaborate with their team, and report on project progress.”

Regarding best practices of their software, Ash relayed that it’s really important to “get everyone on the team involved” circling back to the idea that LiquidPlanner is intended to help keep teams organized. Ash went on to add:

“The more project contributors you have in the application making updates to their work and collaborating, the more of a realistic schedule you’ll have and the more information you’ll have at your fingertips to make informed business decisions.”

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: Tell us about your ideal customer

Jen Ash: “Our ideal customers are software development and IT teams anywhere from 25-50 members in size and organizations of up to 500 or more.”

TA: What is LiquidPlanner pricing model?

Ash: “It’s a tiered model. We offer three editions, each with different features and service options.”

TA: Are there any limitations to LiquidPlanner?

Ash: “We’re out to solve a really complex issue and we built a very powerful solution to do it. Our teams who are most successful have taken the time to build out sound business processes around how to use the application. They have architected their workspace environment in a thoughtful way and educated their users on how to engage with application.”

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