May 16, 2014

Learn the Basics of Gamification in One Sitting

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Considering the popularity of the technology in the business world, you’ve probably heard the term gamification by now. In case you haven’t, it would behoove you to familiarize yourself with this rapidly growing industry. While the name may be a bit clumsy – though customer relationship management doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue – the results gamification is producing across a wide range of markets makes this technology one of the most exciting around. For the uninitiated, gamification draws from the characteristics that we like about games and introduces them into non-game situations. Consequently, this technology changes the way we perceive certain activities and therefore makes us more engaged at work, when we exercise, in learning, etc. What’s most interesting about gamification isn’t just its ability to motivate employees and consumers; it’s the technology’s power to change their mood toward behavior as well. What was once monotonous suddenly becomes engaging, or in the best instances fun. Due to its tremendous potential to change behavior – read: produce results – gamification is already used by some of the largest companies in the world, like IBM, Google, and Starbucks. As a business owner, it behooves you to stay on top of emerging technology trends, especially one that boasts the potential to increase your employees performance while simultaneously improving their mood toward their work. That’s why we created the TechnologyAdvice Guide to Gamification, so you can quickly gain an understanding of how gamification works as well as how it can help your business. By reading this guide you’ll learn:

  • Why gamification works
  • Different use cases for gamification
  • Current and future market trends
  • the specific gamification mechanics you can use in your business

Download our free guide now and learn everything you need to know about gamification in one sitting.