April 3, 2014

ITinvolve Releases Spring ’14, New DevOps Project Management Tool

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Agile Software Development Gets More Intuitive

ITinvolve unveiled its new DevOps software platform Spring ’14 yesterday. The announcement occurred at Interop Las Vegas, a leading independent technology conference and expo.

“No longer do IT leaders have to choose between the frustrating limitations of traditional frameworks or the integration spaghetti of a best-of-breed approach. ITinvolve has given them a truly transformational solution that can be implemented in an iterative, test-driven manner to increase organizational agility while ensuring operational stability and release quality,” said Kevin Behr, author and Chief Science Officer of Praxis Flow, Inc.

Spring ’14 is one of a slew of new products announced at Interop Las Vegas and includes ITinvolve Agility Manager and ITinvolve Drift Manager, two applications that work with existing project management and automation platforms or function as add on-modules to ITinvolve’s proprietary platform.

ITinvolve Agility Manager helps development teams eliminate communication gaps and align business goals, requirements, and projects. Drift Manager aids organizations in their ongoing struggle to improve service stability and increase the rate of deployment success rates.

Makers of one of the industry’s first IT agility applications, ITinvolve focuses on developing IT management software that is collaborative, personal, intuitive, and visual based. By combining these features, they believe Spring ’14 will break the mold of traditionally siloed IT project management tools that separate teams instead of uniting them.

ITinvolve’s announcement marks one of many new product launches at this year’s Interop Las Vegas. A vendor neutral conference, Interop features new technologies ranging from cloud and virtualization, to the Internet of Things, to BYOD Security. Over 350 vendors attend this conference annually.

Featuring events in Las Vegas, New York, India, Toyo and London, Interop is partnering with InformationWeek to hold their conferences in the same Las Vegas location this year.