July 2, 2018

Intranet Portal Software: Top 5 Business Benefits

Written by
Mike McMinn
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Are you looking for a cost-effective technological solution that will save you money and improve your service to clients, partners or customers? Intranet portal software has the potential to do just that for your organization alongside delivering other important business benefits. In this post, we examine in detail how intranet portal software can transform your organization’s operations with these top five business benefits.

Intranet Portal Software: The Benefits

Self-Service Convenience

Clients, partners and customers expect to pick and choose how they interact and connect with you. Intranet portal software is cloud based, and offers a number of distinct advantages and the most important is that it means you are accessible 24/7, all year round. Cloud accessibility makes it possible for your overseas client to place an order in the middle of the night your time. The portal also makes it possible for your partner to access and download product manuals without having to contact your staff directly or sift through multiple emails to find the right information. And through the portal you can securely share tenders, contracts or legal agreements with selected clients.
The key message here is that intranet portal software enables you to provide timely, accurate information to clients and partners at a time that suits them. It’s a simple, convenient and highly effective approach. And it means that you’re freeing up customer service personnel from responding to queries and requests for information, which translates into reduced staff costs and decreased overheads.

Improved Service To Partners And Customers

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, all companies need to offer superior customer services or risk seeing their clients and partners vote with their feet. Intranet portal software enables you to provide much more responsive and personalized customer services that will see you increase your brand loyalty.

Use your portal to offer exclusive marketing and deals to customers as well as select PR events and product promotions. Make your partner or customer feel special and valued with a customized news feed that reflects their interests and preferences. Or better still, why not develop a genuine dialogue with your clients via a survey, shared project space, or blog. Not only will your clients be appreciative of the opportunity to interact with you directly, they will value the convenient, personalized nature of the service offering that your portal facilitates.

Increased Productivity

Automating business processes using intranet portal software offers the real potential to deliver costs savings by streamlining procedures and saving time for both you and your clients. Whether it’s placing an order with suppliers, reporting on sales data or sharing a detailed tender document, all of this can be accomplished securely through the portal and a few clicks of the mouse. As well as utilizing the portal’s own simple forms builder, it is possible to embed a Google Form or MS Office 365 app directly in the relevant page of your portal.

With these processes, not only will a number of users be able to simultaneously input and update the document in real time, you can also provide important contextual information or explanatory notes alongside. What’s more, the intranet portal software will automatically forward the completed form or spreadsheet directly to the relevant staff member for action.

It makes for a far simpler process than the traditional methods of paper forms, emails and faxes.

Secure Transfer Of Data

If your operations regularly require the exchange of sensitive data or financial information with clients and partners, then the portal allows you to quickly and easily do so within a secure online environment. The portal will see you do away with the need for USB drives or external file storage facilities such as Dropbox. Instead all data exchanges can be achieved in a matter of seconds through the portal. What’s more, security is assured with a secure login and the very latest SSL data encryption technology. In this way, both you and your partners can have complete confidence that commercially sensitive or personal information is handled as safely as possible.

Increased Opportunities For Collaboration And Engagement

An intranet software portal gives you a direct line of communication with partners, customers and clients. The opportunities for engagement and joint working are, therefore, increased many-fold and will have the very desirable knock-on effect of increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

Why not invite customers to give feedback on your new brand packaging by setting up a poll on the portal? Give your partners the opportunity to collaborate with you on developing a new line of products by setting up a project space on the portal with access restricted by a set of rules to selected ones only. Perhaps you’re undertaking detailed research and development into an amended product and need to consult with partners and customers? Intranet portal software enables you to achieve all of these specific objectives with the very helpful byproduct of increased collaboration and engagement.

Intranet Portal Software: The Easy Choice

The real beauty of intranet portal software is that all these fantastic benefits are available in a single platform. There’s no need for multiple apps or different software – it’s all there at your fingertips and is accessed with just one sign on.

Now, some organizations have been put off going ahead with implementing a portal in the mistaken belief that it’s bound to be expensive. The truth is that it’s a very cost-effective platform. In fact, with cloud intranet portals there are no initial setup costs. Most cloud providers utilize a series of pre-built templates that you simply customize to meet the needs and brand of your business. It’s super easy to do – so much so that even the average non-tech person can have a professional looking and fully functioning portal up and running in just a matter of hours. And ongoing costs are minimized with a fixed monthly fee covering unlimited data storage and numbers of users. It’s a flexible business model that offers cost certainty – there’s no hidden extras or additional costs.

Mike McMinn is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer / Co-Founder at MyHub Intranet Solutions Limited. A cloud-based intranet software solution that provides companies with a simple and easy to manage CMS that provides a range of powerful business communication and collaboration tools.

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