April 24, 2015

Product Spotlight: Insightly CRM

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In this week’s product spotlight, Megan Roth, a Marketing Manager at Insightly, explains how Insightly can help businesses improve their customer relationships.


TechnologyAdvice: Describe Insightly in one sentence.

Megan Roth:Insightly CRM provides businesses a way to track their contacts, communication, sales projects, tasks, and documents in one easy to use platform that is available via the web and mobile.”

TA: What differentiates Insightly from other CRM companies?

Roth: “Insightly was built to be easy to use yet customizable and very powerful. We offer different plans that cater to different customer needs. Insightly has over 800,000 customers so we want to make sure all business, even those that don’t have resources to manage a system, or time and money to invest in product training can get up and running fast.

We wanted to make it as easy to use as possible yet substantial enough to keep up with businesses as they grow. We found that integrations are key so we’ve made those a strong focus. For example we have a great integration with Google Apps and just added a deeper integration with Microsoft Office 2015 365. Also having a CRM that is integrated with project management capabilities is a key differentiatior for us.”

TA: Tell us about your ideal customer.

Roth: “If you check out our case studies page we have customers in all industries. I’d say our ideal customer is a company that has about 50-300 employees. Our customers in the service industry actually find us particularly useful because we have project management capabilities included in our platform.”

TA: What is Insightly’s pricing model?

Roth: “We have different pricing tiers depending on our customers’ needs but our paid plan starts at $12 per user per month. We offer a 14 day trial of our paid plan and have a free plan for businesses that have up to 2 users.”

TA: Are there any limitations to Insightly?

Roth: “Insightly is made to be easy to use yet powerful. Sometimes we trade off more complicated features for ones that fit our customer requirements. At the end of the day, we say the best CRM is the one that is used. People tend to think of a CRM as very technical and complicated so we wanted to make sure Insightly is not a system you can get lost in. Also as we grow we’re adding more features to the product. Luckily we have great integration partners that fill in those gaps because they want to provide services to our customers.”

TA: What’s a best practice for implementing Insightly?

Roth: “We have tons of resources and webinars about how to support you alongside best practices so I would say check out our resources page first. At Insightly we really stress finding the best CRM that will be fully utilized by your company.

Take some planning before implementation. list your goals, talk to your team about how they’ll use and make sure you know how you’ll assess and measure the goals for the CRM. This will ensure your business knows the process and that your CRM supports this process. Also import your contacts too, we are customer relationship management after all.”


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