InLoox Project Management Software - Product Spotlight
March 11, 2015

Product Spotlight: InLoox Project Management

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In this week’s Product Spotlight video, Andreas Tremel, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of InLoox, talks to us about how InLoox differs from other project management systems, and how it can help businesses.


TechnologyAdvice: Give us a one sentence description of InLoox

Andreas Tremel: The integrated project management software helping teams to better increase their productivity by better managing and collaborating.

TA: What differentiates InLoox from other project management software?

Tremel: Inloox really is an integrated solution and is fully integrated with Outlook. Basically making your email program the central hub for all relevant projects tasks. It lets you organize your work, plan, and manage your projects. Instead of having to struggle with numerous tools we offer an all-in-one solution. You’ll never have to leave the program you’re already familiar with.

The biggest difference is the interface. It’s very similar to the way Outlook works, making it very simple to use especially for planning or task management. You can make adjustments to your projects directly within the planner. All features are connected and entirely integrate with your email, calendar, and task list. You don’t have to reenter the data you have. It’s all in one place.

TA: Tell us about your ideal customer

Tremel: That’s a good question! We have a very diverse customer base. Our clients come from different industries such as manufacturing, consulting, and finance. We also work with hospitals, universities, and creative industries such as marketing and event management.

In terms of size companies, we have everyone from small companies to large multinational corporations like US Airways and Verizon. The fact that we have customers in more than 50 countries reflects the versatility of our software.

TA: What is InLoox’s pricing model?

Tremel: We offer two pricing models. We have the basic model which is on premise and which is a one time purchase model starting at $390 USD per user. Then we have the cloud solution which is called InLoox Now which is available on a month to month basis starting at $29.95 per user. The pricing system is just as flexible as the software. It allows customers to create their own project platform that best fits them and their needs.

TA: What’s a limitation of InLoox?

Tremel: You might think that in order to run InLoox you would need Outlook. That in fact is not the case. We have fully compatible online software that can be used in combination with Outlook. The Outlook integrated tool also has mobile apps for android and iphone which in turn gives users greater flexibility. Their project information is always in sync with Outlook and mobile phones and the web application making it really easy to stay in the loop from anywhere on any device. In terms of a limitation, there really is only one which is your imagination.

TA: What’s a best practice for using InLoox?

Tremel: Many of our customers contact us because they outgrew other tools because they’re replacing a system that didn’t fit them. The most common setting is a team environment. anywhere between 5-50 people working on a joint project such as creating a website, strategy, development projects. This is normally the point where we come in.

We recommend you find key results at the beginning of the projects. Specifying and defining what the project is about.Later on structuring it more into detail and turning milestones you define into events and the project schedule. Then you should encourage your team members to create tasks to the milestones and achieve those goals. This way the entire team is involved and it has clear visibility and every task and dependency is helping to complete the entire goal and finalize the project.

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