November 18, 2014

Product Spotlight: InfusionSoft CRM

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Tags: CRM

In this product spotlight video, Infusionsoft’s Justin Topliff speaks with TechnologyAdvice employees Josh Bland and Cameron Council. As a Product Marketing Specialist with Infusionsoft, Topliff shares what his company does, how they work to help small businesses succeed, and what they specifically offer to their clients.

Topliff succinctly described Infusionsoft’s purpose in one sentence: “Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for small business owners that lets them get organized, grow sales, and save time.”

When asked about what separates Infusionsoft CRM from similar CRM software providers, Topliff gave three broad answers and six specific answers. They focus on “automation, consolidation, and having a true passion for small business success.” To that end, they help small businesses:

  1. Build sales and marketing strategies
  2. Centralize customer interactions and daily activities
  3. Capture new leads and automate follow-up based on the preferences and needs of those customers
  4. Identify the best leads
  5. Close more sales faster
  6. Automate repetitive tasks like follow-up, contact management, billing and payments.

He also pointed to the fact that Infusionsoft itself began as a small business and over half of their employees have owned or currently own their own business.

When asked about Infusionsoft’s ideal customer, Topliff said they seek out companies with revenue in excess of $100,000. They arrived at that number through research, discovering that companies with that amount of revenue and who were at least three years old had “gotten over the hump and difficulty of starting a small business” and would likely continue growing. But, holding to their mantra to help small businesses, they target companies with less than 25 employees.

Topliff also relayed Infusionsoft’s affordable, tiered pricing model that’s similar to many other current SaaS solutions:

  • For $199/month, companies get the Essentials Package, “best for companies with basic marketing needs.”
  • For $299/month, companies get the Deluxe Sales Package, “best for companies with sales teams who need more advanced CRM tools.”
  • Also for $299/month, companies get the Deluxe Ecommerce Package, “best for companies with an online store who need to process payments.”
  • For $379/month, companies get the Complete Package, best for “businesses who need all of it” (sales team CRM support, payment processing, etc.).

When asked about the kind of training and support that Infusionsoft provides, Topliff replied that they “mandate that all of our customers go through a Kickstart Package, consisting of a series of phone calls with our consultants. We’ll help you load your list, make your first campaign, and send your first broadcast.” In other words, they want to on-board new clients quickly so that they can take immediate and full advantage of Infusionsoft’s CRM capabilities.

When asked about Infusionsoft’s limitations, Topliff said that “businesses with more than 25 employees and a high volume of contacts or emails that they send out monthly will push the limits of our software,” circling back to Infusionsoft’s stated purpose: to help small businesses.

For fun, Topliff was asked what kind of fruit Infusionsoft would be. He had a ready answer:

“An avocado, mainly because it’s green and our company colors are heavily green. But I also say that you can use avocados for any meal, much like how our software can solve more than one problem. And it also has a giant seed in in the middle that symbolizes the growth that business owners will achieve from using Infusionsoft.”

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