Hull User Engagement Platform - Product Spotlight
April 8, 2015

Product Spotlight: Hull User Engagement Platform

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In this week’s Product Spotlight video, Romain Dardour, Co-Founder of Hull, explains why he thinks Hull is the future of content platforms and gamified campaigns.


TechnologyAdvice: Can you describe Hull in one sentence?

Romain Dardour: “Hull give customer-centric companies the power to build audiences to learn from their actions and to make customer experience more personal.”

TA: Now explain Hull in a little more detail. How can customers get the most out of it?

Dardour: “Customers who make the best use of our platform and got the best results are brands who took the platform for its different components such as user management, gamification, user engagement mechanics, and build a unique marketing strategy on top of it.

Our customers want more. They want to build a unique presence that is really compelling and really tailored to what their customers are expecting and that’s where we shine. We provide them with complete flexibility to build the exact marketing strategy they want while not having to rebuild everything from scratch.”

TA: Are these people who are building everything from scratch your competition? If so, what does Hull do better?

Dardour: “We’re a connected consumer platform meaning you can build things on top of us. We provide a set of unified APIs and tools that structure and consolidate all customer interactions from all campaigns, apps, and platforms into a central hub. Doing this will provide a lot of data that is completely structured and is more actionable right away. On top of this you can build and combine those tools, APIs, and data bits that work together seamlessly. So that’s how we enable personalized outreach and increase brand loyalty.”

TA: When have you worked with a company to really get the most out of your product?

Dardour: “An example I have in mind is a brand called Jackson Family Wine. They’re quite a big vineyard. They have a brand called La Crema. What they did was put together the first ever crowd-sourced wine-making campaign in the world. Basically for a whole year, and it’s still ongoing, they’re offering their customers to define exactly the wine they want to see come to life.

Users can choose from the vineyard, the place where it’s grown, whether it’s going to be oak barrels or steel, the label design, and more. All of this has been made possible by our product and building a completely unique engagement strategy that takes the form of badges, votes, contests. We’ve done this over the course of a year without the technical teams that startups would have for instance.”

TA: What’s Hull’s pricing model?

Dardour: “Hull’s subscription model is based on the total number of users in a brands database for the basic tiers. Then we have custom options for enterprises who want dedicated instances and different integrations.”

TA: Who exactly are you catering Hull to? Are you trying to work with developers or marketers?

Dardour: ”It really makes a marketer completely independent from developers and makes them able to insert any application that they find in our store inside their pages without any technical skills.”

TA: What’s a limitation for Hull?

Dardour: ”The main limitation was you needed a developer to implement our product. We’ve lifted this and hope to become one of the best ways to integrate any kind of engagement feature into any website in the world.

Today what we’re not doing that some customers are asking for is we’re not a social media content stream aggregator. Basically we don’t suck up and scrape all the data from Facebook and Twitter and put out statistics about traffic. Neither we’re a social inbox. really we’re more focused on the customer and his/her experience in relationship with the brand on the brand’s platform.”