April 16, 2014

Career Development: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Code

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Why is TechnologyAdvice Free?

Technology drives what we do on a daily basis. We rely on it personally and professionally. Seven months ago, I was just a “user” of technology – if you asked me to build a website or web application, I would have said, “I don’t know how… I’m in operations.”

Then I received the opportunity of a lifetime

I had begun to feel stuck in my position, like there was little opportunity for me to move ahead within the company. Around that same time TechnologyAdvice began looking to expand their software development team. I asked our CEO, Rob Bellenfant, to consider me for one of the positions, but there was one slight dilemma to me getting the job. I did not even have an introductory skill-set when it came to software development. When I spoke to Rob about a front-end development position, instead of receiving an automatic “No,” I received the opportunity of a lifetime. Rob decided to put me through a six-month program with the Nashville Software School, so that I could return to TechnologyAdvice with the knowledge and skill for an entry-level developer position.

During those six months, I learned to code in languages such as Javascript and Ruby. At the end of it all I was able to build a fully functioning web app from the ground up using the Rails framework. Thanks to TechnologyAdvice and Nashville Software School, I learned to code.  One of the key takeaways I learned from my experience is that coding is not a skill reserved for math and science nerds, or geniuses – it is a craft that can be learned by anyone who is curious and motivated enough. Here are some reasons why learning to code is important:

Code Drives Technology

Smart phones, ATM machines, traffic lights… almost every interaction you have with technology is dependent on the program developed for it.

Learn How to Solve Problems

Software development is all about resolving a problem. It’s one big puzzle that you solve piece by piece. There are hundreds of angles you can come at a problem, and hundreds of ways to solve that one problem.  Learning to code makes you look at problems outside of development differently, which can lead to finding solutions faster.


Online or in the area you live, there are so many ways to connect with other software developers and become a part of a community.  The development community is welcoming, and you have the ability to seek help from professionals.

Job Opportunities

As Code.org states, there 136,620 computing jobs (across all industries) being added each year. That’s a rate of two times the national average.  We’re even hiring right now at TechnologyAdvice.

It’s Fun!

Most importantly, software development is fun! It’s an ever-changing industry that gives you the unique opportunity to build something and to solve problems by using creativity and logic. You also get a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you see “users” applying the technology you’ve created, in their personal or professional lives.

Have you recently learned to code? Do you dream of becoming a developer? Let us know in the comments!

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