April 29, 2015

Product Spotlight: Geckoboard Data Dashboards

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In this weeks product spotlight video, Geckoboard’s CEO Paul Joyce speaks with our resident Technology Analyst Josh Bland about what Geckoboard does, how they work to help businesses succeed, and what they specifically offer to their clients.


Joyce described how teams use Geckoboard “to create premium dashboards that allow them to import their data from multiple sources at a glance.”

When asked about what separates Geckoboard from other dashboard tools on the market, Joyce gave a brief description of what the competition is doing wrong and how Geckoboard is different. He mentioned that currently in the data dashboard marketplace, “there’s little or no regard or thought given to how data is actually being consumed by the person at the other end. People are unaware of how we’re wired to interpret visual stimulus.” Instead, Geckoboard chooses to focus its attention around their core mission: “designing data for human beings first.” 

As a solution, Joyce explained the thought process Geckoboard has taken to understand their customer:

1. We’ve taken a lot of time to try to understand how the brain and visual coretex work together so we can really optimize the experience of consuming and understanding data at a glance

2. This removes cognitive barriers and makes understanding data really quick and easy by everyone in the business it 

Regarding best practices of their software, Joyce relayed that “our most successful customers put their dashboards on large screens in their offices” circling back to the idea that Geckoboard is intended to help teams visualize their data. Joyce went on to add:

Something very special happens when you change the way people consume data. Instead of them going to their laptop or phone to look at data suddenly its up in a public arena or a communal arena and a lot of our customers reported it acting like a watercooler. You decouple that relationship between an individual and how they consume data. When things like that happen, it’s incredibly motivational and allows people to approach problems and spot things earlier than they normally would.

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: Tell us about your ideal customer

Paul Joyce: “We have thousands of customers that range from tiny startups that you’ve never heard of, government agencies, and huge brands. It really spans the full spectrum of company size. The one thing they have in common is they want to do more with the data they already have. They want to communicate the right data to the right people at the right time. Many already have efficient systems for communicating data such as emailing spreadsheets or created their own dashboard. Now they want to take communicating data seriously and to the next level.”

TA: What is Geckoboard pricing model?

Joyce: “We price our product based on the number of dashboards and users you have. You can get started for less than $60 per month and grow from there.” 

TA: Are there any limitations of the software?

Joyce: “I think the primary thing is that Geckoboard is not an analysis or BI tool. I think some of the people starting the trial are coming to it initially thinking it is. It doesn’t allow you to drill in and slice and dice data. That’s not a feature set we’re looking to build out.  It exists only to communicate a core set of important data that is meant to be understood quickly and easily.” 

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