April 14, 2014

TechnologyAdvice Webinar: Gamification 101

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Tags: Gamification

During this TechnologyAdvice Webinar, Zach Watson, one of our in-house gamification experts, will present the following:

  1. What is gamification? — We’ll define what exactly this new trend is with examples and explanations.
  2. Why is gamification popular now? — Gamification really only became a cohesive industry in 2010, so we’ll examine the different market factors in play right now that are making gamification such a trending topic.
  3. Why does gamification work? — It wouldn’t be popular if there weren’t notable results. This webinar will examine the factors and tools that can make gamification a hit for your business.
  4. Where is the industry heading? — After you have a firm grasp of the basics, we’ll dive into where we think the industry is heading and look at some trends in the market.
  5. We will save ample time to answer your questions.

Webinar playback available below: