March 21, 2019

How The Experts Get Everything They Want from Software Negotiations

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The word negotiation tends to elicit one of two responses in people:

  • Excitement to get the very best deal possible
  • Fear of conflict or confrontation.

We often think of negotiations in terms of life-or-death hostage situations or fast-talking street market scenarios. But high-pressure, back and forth negotiation almost never happens in business, as that kind of intense negotiation results in bad feelings and even worse deals.

Negotiating your next software purchase doesn’t have to be scary, high-pressure, or conflict-ridden. With a little planning, you can come to the bargaining table ready to talk and prepared to get the best deal. We asked the experts how to get the most out of negotiations. They’ll help you with:

  • Ensuring you make an informed decision
  • Choosing what to negotiate
  • Hiring a lawyer
  • Sticking to your budget and timeline

Download our stress-free guide to getting what you want from your software negotiations now.

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