Conference Preview: IoT Evolution Expo and Communications 20/20
May 29, 2017

Conference Preview: IoT Evolution Expo and Communications 20/20

Written by
Megan Pacella

This summer, two major conferences will descend on Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to examine the cutting edge technology driving trends in communications and the internet of things (IoT). The IoT Evolution Expo will take place July 17-20, and the collocated Communications 20/20 will be held July 18-20. Both conferences will welcome leading speakers and experts in communications and technology to give attendees a peek into the future, as well as provide practical tips for navigating the ever-changing communications and IoT landscapes.

The IoT Evolution Expo and Communications 20/20 both offer several tracks so attendees can get the most out of the conference experience.

15 Can’t-Miss Sessions at the IoT Evolution Expo

The Expo will focus on both the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing IoT landscape. The conference is packed with content for three straight days, with pre-conference workshops and several tracks of keynotes and conference sessions. Here are a few of the tracks, along with some can’t-miss sessions from each one:

IoT Business Intelligence & Analytics

Learn how to tap into the massive amounts of data produced by the IoT. Sessions will cover the ins and outs of managing, analyzing, and monetizing IoT data. Be sure to carve out time for these topics:

  • From Edge to Core: Capture, Analyze, Store and Monetize Big Data
  • IoT Analytics: On-Ramp to the Internet of Things
  • Real Time Big Data: Managing the IoT Streams

Smart Cities

City-specific IoT networks are improving transportation models and enabling a smarter workforce. Learn more about the growing impact smart cities have on people’s lives at the following sessions:

  • Smart City Models
  • Big Data, Smart Cities, and Private Citizens
  • Autonomous Autos and New Transportation Models

IoT Operations

This track will examine IoT from an enterprise perspective. Where are the opportunities for growth? How can you ensure efficient implementation of IoT? How will IoT impact key enterprise functions? You’ll answer these questions and more at the following sessions:

  • How to Use Market Research to Optimize Your IoT Strategy
  • IoT Gateway Solutions
  • IoT on the Shop Floor

Business Issues and Innovation

IoT implementations force a lot of business decisions. Arm yourself with strategies for making these decisions by learning about the following topics:

  • Why DIY is DOA for IoT
  • IoT Consumer Creep: When Does it Hit Enterprises?
  • Building IoT Platforms for Third Party Use

IoT Developers

Developers looking to hone their skills to integrate IoT solutions into enterprises will find plenty of opportunities to learn in these sessions:

  • Resources for Prototyping IoT Solutions
  • Mobile Devices: Transmitting with and without Interruption
  • Continuous Integration Testing for IoT Endpoint Integrity

In addition to specialized content tracks, the IoT Evolution Expo will include a Connected Home workshop that covers smart homes and buildings, a security summit that looks at managing cybersecurity in the future, and the Industrial IoT Conference that will focus on IoT technologies specifically related to the manufacturing and industrial. No matter what industry you work in, the IoT Expo will have plenty of content to help you step up your game and learn more about bringing IoT into your workplace and industry.

What to Do at 20/20 Communications

While the IoT Evolution Expo is taking place, 20/20 Communications will be held at the same location. This collocated conference is designed for professionals who are looking to the future in communications. As new technologies hit the marketplace, communications will continue to evolve and eventually transcend humans. Stay ahead of the changes by attending these sessions in three tracks:

Contextual Processing Track

  • Turning Voice into Revenue
  • Can AI Reduce Cyber Threats?
  • Cloud, Cognitive, and Big Data: Using AI to Drive Business Decisions

Intelligent Interfaces Track

  • Messaging and Collaboration for Next Gen Businesses
  • The Future of Smart Communications
  • Expanding Analytics: The New World of Voice

Ubiquitous Connectivity Track

  • Managing the Distributed Enterprise
  • 5G the Critical Path to Success
  • Case Study: The UnCarrier Future of T-Mobile

In addition to sessions, Communications 20/20 will welcome keynote presentations from major companies including Cisco, Juniper Networks, Business Insider and more. For three days, this conference will help communications professionals, business owners and developers learn about the future state of communications technology. If you want to stay ahead of the changes and prepare for the next tech advancements, don’t miss your chance to attend.

* * *

Besides the opportunity to learn about new technology and hone your professional skills, both conferences will give you the chance to rub elbows with experts and new contacts at networking events and learning opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to register for the IoT Evolution Expo or the Communications 20/20 Conference!

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