October 10, 2017

Conference Preview: Embedded Systems Conference ‘17

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It seems like every major conference in technology is in a handful major east or west coast cities, leaving those of us in the industry who live in the middle of the country with frequent travel requirements for networking and learning experiences. Not that we don’t enjoy visiting these great cities, but sometimes it’s nice to stay close to home. Plus, the midwest deserves its chance to show off its hubs of innovation (not to mention affordable living).

That’s one of the reasons to love Embedded Systems Conference 2017. The event has multiple runs including two coming up this year — ESC Minneapolis from November 8 – 9 and ESC Silicon Valley from December 5 – 7. Here’s a bit of what you can look forward to at each.


Across both conferences you can expect nearly 100 total expert speakers who will lead technical sessions, panels, case studies, and hands-on tutorials. Events are organized into four tracks:

  • Embedded hardware
  • Embedded software
  • Connected devices and IoT
  • Advanced technologies

Together, ESC Minneapolis and ESC Silicon Valley boast more than 150 hours of content. Attend one, or double up on both if your time and travel schedule allows.

You can also now earn your IEEE Certification at the conference by accruing professional development hours and continuing education units for all conference sessions. This makes ESC Conferences not only great internal learning experiences but valuable external additions to your resume as well.

Check out some of the sessions to look forward to below.

ESC Minneapolis

Are Open Source Software and Embedded Software Development on a Collision Course?
Speaker: Rod Cope, CTO Rogue Wave Software
Learn about the most effective uses of open source software, how to avoid license risk, and critical requirements for reducing safety and security issues.

Connecting IoT Devices: Real Lessons from Real Case Studies
Speaker: Kyle Sporre, RF Hardware Engineering Manager, Digi Wireless Design Services
Get examples of both successful and not-so-successful IoT projects so you can learn from the best and from failures. Attendees can also look forward to wireless certification guidance.

Advanced Technologies for 21st Century Embedded Systems
Speaker: Max “The Magnificent” Maxfield, Editor-in-Chief, EEWeb(dot)com and Embedded(dot)com, AspenCore
In this session in which audience participation is encouraged, discuss leading trends like cognitive (thinking/reasoning) embedded systems, artificial neural networks, deep learning, machine vision, virtual and augmented realities, and how all these technologies intersect.

FPGA Development: What Works & What Makes You Work Weekends
Speaker: Charles Fulks, Senior Staff Engineer, Intuitive Research and Technology
Learn how to improve FPGA design quality with this lesson on FPGA development best practices. The design practices and development processes presented will ultimately save labor costs during FPGA development and system integration.

ESC Silicon Valley

Don’t Shoot the Engineer: Safety and Security in Embedded Systems
Speaker: Dwight Bues, Systems Engineer, Engility Corp
IoT has proved that while capabilities can be delivered inexpensively, releasing products with safety or security vulnerabilities can be hugely costly in terms of rebuilds and legal action. This session will cover methodologies that ensure safety and security standards are met.

Measuring Battery Life in IoT Devices
Speakers: Nikhil Kumar and Mike Schnecker, Application Engineers, Rohde & Schwarz
Learn how to analyze application behavior in a controlled, emulated network environment and discuss methods for performing tests using frequency domain triggering and high-sensitivity current probes on a high-performance oscilloscope.

Effective PCB Design: Techniques to Improve Performance
Speaker: Dan Beeker, Principal Engineer, NXP Semiconductor
This session includes an introduction to EM field behavior, as well as several effective methods for designing the spaces used to direct EM fields on a PCB.

Hands-on Development Using Apache Mynewt For Constrained Embedded Devices
Speaker: Aditi Hilbert, Head of Products, Runtime
Learn what sets Apache Mynewt apart by using the basic building blocks of the middleware around the core OS and the process of building applications for managing the devices and executing them.

Both ESC Minneapolis and ESC Silicon Valley include expo access where you can watch embedded systems tech demos, participate in interesting activities, network, and learn about the latest in the industry. You can get advanced pricing for ESC Minneapolis up until the event by registering here. ESC Silicon Valley’s early bird pricing remains in effect until October 6 — go here to register.