October 24, 2016

Conference Preview: Business Process Management and the Future of Work 2016

Written by
Megan Pacella

Every business, at some point, must decide how new technology will impact their existing processes. Digital innovation in the workplace can lead to challenges or improvements, depending on how you adapt.  

If you’re wrestling with some of these questions, London-based consulting firm Ovum has two conferences coming up that are perfect for you. Business Process Management 2016 will take place at the Millennium Gloucester in London on November 22, followed by Future of Work 2016 on November 23 at the same location.

The future of your enterprise is only as strong as your willingness to adapt. These two conferences will introduce you to movers and shakers who are successfully implementing business process management (BPM) tactics and doing innovative work in digital workplaces.

Here’s an overview of what to expect from each conference, and a few reasons why you should attend:

Improve BPM Efficiency

According to Tech Target, business process management is “a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, efficient, and capable of adapting.” No matter what industry or department you work in, you need to be intentional about process. That’s how work gets done and how your business stays profitable. The best way to improve process is to implement BPM across your entire enterprise.

At Business Process Management 2016, you’ll learn from experts and executives from Ovum, Crossrail, Close Brothers, and other leading companies. Here are some key sessions to check out:

BPM 2016 also provides unique networking opportunities at ice breaker sessions, round tables, VIP meetings, and social events. This is a great opportunity to discuss how BPM can enhance customer relations and the rise of Big Data.

Explore How Tech Trends Shape Your Work

Every day, the market yields a dozen more “must-have” software applications, platforms, etc. How can you possibly keep up?

At Future of Work 2016, the sister conference to Business Process Management, you’ll hear from digital experts on how to navigate the ever-changing digital workplace and position your enterprise to grow with through use of technology.

Be sure to grab a spot for these top sessions:

Don’t miss your chance to learn how digital transformation has helped these organizations grow and improve, and how your company can do the same. No matter what industry you work in, there’s plenty to learn from these two conferences.

Need another reason to attend? How about a free pass? That’s right. Just for reading this blog post, you can sign up for Business Process Management 2016 or the Future of Work conference (or both) and not pay a dime. Save over $200. Click either link to get started.