August 31, 2017

Conference Preview: Arm TechCon, October 24 – 26

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Calling all developers and engineers of all levels who use Arm’s ecosystem of technologies: mark your calendars and book your travel for the world’s largest gathering of Arm users and the biggest opportunity to boost your working knowledge of Arm technologies.

Arm TechCon 2017 is taking place in October in Santa Clara, California. Attendees can look forward to more than 60 hours of Arm-related learning and over 100 speakers. With such a large quantity of content, Arm has broken the conference into eight tracks to help direct attendees to the sessions that most meet their needs. Choose one, or bounce between a few, of the following tracks:

  • Automotive, Industrial & Functional Safety
  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Graphics
  • Embedded Software Development
  • High-Efficiency Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Networking & Servers
  • Silicon Design
  • Trust & Security

To help paint the picture of which track might be right for you, check out a highlighted sessions from each track below.

1. Automotive, Industrial & Functional Safety

Hack-proofing Your C/C++ Code
Greg Davis, director of engineering, compilers, Green Hills Software

What You’ll Learn: The tools and coding techniques that can help make their products secure and reliable.

2. Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Graphics

Machine Learning in Intelligent IoT Devices
Felix Baum, director of product management, Qualcomm

What You’ll Learn: This session will highlight software and hardware architecture that enables machine learning on battery powered embedded devices. A comparison of using various compute nodes for optimal compute vs. power consumption will be presented. A demo and/or a use case of using convolution neural network algorithm on an embedded device will be explained.

3. Embedded Software Development

Panel – Hypervisors: A Real Trend in Embedded, or Just Hype?
Simon Davidmann, CEO, Imperas; Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist, prpl Foundation; Brian Bailey,  editor, Semiconductor Engineering, Chris Turner, director of product marketing, ARM, Jack Greenbaum, director of engineering, advanced products, Green Hills Software, Inc

What You’ll Learn: Security and functional safety in embedded system development mandate solutions where the software touches the hardware. Learn how processor architecture changes, with hardware virtualization extensions and TrustZone, and software changes, including hypervisors and RTOSs, interrelate. For resource management, safety and security, find out if hypervisors are a real trend in embedded systems or just hype.

4. High-Efficiency Systems

The Design of Power Efficient Systems
Rod Watt, director of system architecture, Arm

What You’ll Learn: The design of a high efficiency system goes beyond the central processor and SoC. To architect a truly efficient system, the overall architecture must be analyzed, understood and optimized.

5. Internet of Things

Future of Cellular IoT
William Hart, GM of developer tools, Particle

What You’ll Learn: New and innovative cellular technologies like LTE for IoT are becoming available and will unlock new product applications. However, the fragmentation in the cellular ecosystem presents risks to product developers. To address and mitigate this risk, there are technological developments such as eSIM, band-configurable modules, and IoT platforms with MVNO capabilities.

6. Networking & Servers

Analysis of NFV Virtual Switching Solutions on Arm
Sandeep Malik, software lead engineer, NXP Semiconductor India Ltd

What You’ll Learn: Post this session users will have an overview about two popular virtual switching options namely OVS and VPP. User will also get to know the challenges/issues in terms of performance and latency for Arm SoC’s.

7. Silicon Design

Accelerate Arm-based SoC Timing Closure by Optimizing Interconnect Front-end Design
Monica Tang, product manager, ArterisIP

What You’ll Learn: Get to market sooner with Arm-based SoCs in advanced geometries by optimizing interconnect communication paths during front-end design. By performing front-end Network-on-Chip timing automation and analysis, physical synthesis results become much more predictable, thereby reducing iterations in the backend and greatly accelerating the entire physical design process.

8. Trust & Security

Panel – Ensuring Your Supply Chain of Trust: Whose Problem is It?
Haydn Povey, founder and CTO, Secure Thingz; Rob Coombs, director, security marketing, ARM; Mark Schaeffer, software-marketing manager for Cybersecurity, Renesas Electronics Inc.; Ed Sperling, editor in chief, Semiconductor Engineering; Rafael Taubinger, global FAE manager, IAR Systems

What You’ll Learn: An understanding of the complex issues around IoT security and how to develop holistic approaches to create trusted supply chains. Perspectives from a silicon vendor, embedded software expert, firmware provider and ARM on how best to enable end-users to protect their systems and manage product lifecycles.

At last year’s Arm TechCon, Masayoshi Son, chairman of Arm, announced a vision of building a trillion IoT devices over the next two decades. At this year’s conference, developers and engineers keen on joining in on that mission can benefit from Arm mBed Connect, an additional hands-on, one-day training session to provide attendees with the tool and network of support needed to create enterprise level IoT solutions.

Ready to register? You can do so here and secure advanced pricing through October 13.