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May 13, 2015

Big Contacts CRM Product Spotlight

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In this week’s product spotlight, BigContact’s CEO Bob Walton speaks with our resident Technology Analyst Josh Bland. Walton makes the case for why Big Contacts provides the best value of any CRM on the market today.

When asked about what separates Big Contacts from other CRM tools on the market, Walton explained their goal to make the user experience as simple and intuitive as possible. Perhaps the biggest differentiator is its price point. Walton went on to say that “based on comparisons with other platforms of comparable functionality we deliver the best value in CRM when you look at pricing and functionality.”

Before companies even choose a CRM vendor, Walton explained that they should take a step back and look at day-to-day processes and workflows. They should determine what they want to do with information to help them “track and organize your customers and prospects.” Looking at these processes will really help users choose their platform.

BigContacts also helps teams transition into its CRM:

We will also give you the systems and framework to implement the software in a way that will allow you to realize the full value a CRM system can offer. We just recently started offering free training and free account setup for any new paid account that comes on board because we realize the importance of sending people down the right path so they can really take advantage of the platform.

Below are a few excerpts from the conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: Tell us about your ideal customer.

Walton: “Any small business or team is really a good fit. One of the things we make very easy is to customize the application. It really can easily be suited and morphed for any industry. It’s really any small business or team that’s looking to get organized and grow their business. We have the systems to do it and the ability to customize the system to meet that specific industry application.”

TA: What is Big Contact’s pricing model? I saw you start with $5 per user.

Walton: “Like our software, we like to keep it simple. We offer 3 plans. You choose the plan based on the features and modules you need. Whether it be core contact management functionality, sales tracking and ultimately maybe marketing. You choose one of the 3 plans you want utilized. The plans range from $5 per month per user on an annual plan to $15 per month per user. Very reasonable pricing, simple plans. All you have to do is choose to prepay annually or month to month.”

TA: Are there any limitations to Big Contacts?

Walton: “We have what I would call a good integration with LinkedIn and Twitter but we realize that with such an important space, we want to do more to better interact and integrate with social media platforms. That’s a scenario we’re currently working on to enable–that integration and interaction with different social media platforms.”

To find out more about Big Contacts’s capabilities or for a personalized product recommendation, check out the product selection tool at

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