February 21, 2014

Badgeville Clients Get +10 to Design With Visualize

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Badgeville Visualize Gives Clients Greater Design Freedom

To help marketers and business managers more easily add gamification elements to mobile, web, and enterprise applications, Badgeville released Visualize yesterday, a widget comprised of pre-constructed gamification components as well as a toolkit for additional customization.

Designed for use with Badgeville’s Behavior Platform, Visualize’s value to marketers lays in its pre-configured library, which allows clients to implement gamified visual assets without having to write server-side code.

Visualize’s library includes profiles, cards, and head elements for players as well as mission progress representations, mission tutorial interfaces, and notifications. These game graphics are all built on modern web standards and feature responsive design, so they automatically size to fit screen proportions.

In addition, Visualize features Badgeville’s Javascript SDK, which lets developer’s edit the HTML and Javascript source code. And if developers aren’t satisfied with the options in Visualize’s library, Badgeville’s new widget lets them create their own elements. To help clients better integrate player points, rewards, and leaderboard rankings, Visualize includes data on the HTML page so developers can style feedback mechanisms.

Gamification is quickly becoming the go-to solution for increasing engagement and inspiring motivation across industries. Research firm Gartner predicts 50 percent of companies managing innovative processes will add gamification by 2015, meaning platforms like Badgeville are invaluable to businesses searching for proven gamification methods.

Badgeville’s notable clients include American Express, Oracle, Samsung and Philips Electronics. Badgeville specializes in designing and implementing game mechanics, reputation mechanics, and social mechanics for marketing and engagement campaigns.

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