November 4, 2014

AnDevCon 2014 Wants to Create Super-Developers

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Alex Handy is this year’s emcee at the 2014 Android Developer Conference. Handy recently spoke with TechnologyAdvice’s Media Manager Clark Buckner about AnDevCon’s main focus for this year, and what attendees can expect from the event.

Alex Handy is the Senior Editor at Software Development Times (SDT), a monthly print magazine that covers software development news about Java, Hadoop, Docker, and more. SDT is targeted at enterprise software development managers who must deal with process issues, compliance concerns, team management, old-world systems, and legacy systems.

Taking place on November 18-21, 2014 in San Francisco, this year’s AnDevCon will be heavily focused on Android 5.0, a.k.a. Lollipop. The conference will include nearly 70 tutorials and technical classes, with over a dozen of these focused specifically on Lollipop. They include:

  • The Lollipop Task Manager
  • One Lollipop UI
  • Bluetooth LE, a technology that’s finally maturing into something reliable in Android 5.0
  • Building HTML apps for Android, a popular trend where a web app is encapsulated within an Android app.

Handy foresees the event as an avenue for providing a great deal of information around Lollipop, not to mention giving attendees actual lollipops at the event. Handy also noted that AnDevCon is heavily focused on the developer community, and tailors its events around development issues. Some of the main ideas being discussed this year will include:

  • Utilizing Android audio enhancements
  • Porting Android to run on x-86 processors
  • Producing high-speed, high-quality Android apps

Handy describes AnDevCon as a four-day crash course for Android developers that want to become super-Android developers. First-time attendees can expect to leave the conference with new knowledge on building apps, while those already knowledgeable about Android can expect to learn about new APIs, functions, features, and development tools that will simplify their day-to-day jobs.

Whether you’re attending AnDevCon or not, Handy emphasized the importance of reaching out to local Android user groups in order to keep abreast of the latest news and general conversations surrounding the operating system. In order to facilitate such real-life meetups, Handy revealed additional special events that will be taking place at AnDevCon including parties, meetups, and fireside chats with Google experts directly from the Mountain View campus.

For a more information, visit the AnDevCon website, or go straight to the AnDevCon registration page to get $200 off if you sign up before November 7.  

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